The most innovative hip hop dance battle is coming!  London – 1st July 2010
The Relentless Garage 
20-22 Highbury Corner – London N5 1RD
Doors: 7:PM   Show Time: 9:00 PM Ticket price: £7.00 
seeticket.com , gigantic.com , ticketweb.co.uk

Created in 2005, Street Fighters is one of the most innovative European Hip Hop dance competitions to hit the UK so far. A huge choreography contest, Street Fighter has attracted an audience of half a million people across Europe. See the amazing UK Final at the Relentless Garage.
The winning prize is a flight to Italy and accommodation, to participate at the Grand Final of Street Fighters which will take place during “The Week” Hip Hop Festival on Saturday 17th July. The winning crew will receive the 3.000,00 Euro Prize. The Week Festival itself is approaching its fifth year and is internationally renowned as the best street dance event in Italy and amongst the top 3 events in Europe!
At the UK Final at the Relentless Garage on 1st July, an experienced panel of judges will decide which is the best UK crew performance, judging a unique combination of elements such as;
Show – main choreography idea, execution and interpretation.
Style – flow, rhythm & attitude.
Technique – precision and quality of the dance style.
The rules are simple; each crew must have between 3 and 16 members – with no age restrictions -and each performance has a five minutes time limit; after that, the music stops and it’s time for judging.
STREET FIGHTERS is around 35 dates from December to July, with 260 crews and more than 1.800 street dancers battling in 8 ‘zones’ in Italy and 4 ‘zones’ in the rest of Europe. A total amount of 20.000 Euros is divided in prizes for winning crews of each Zone Final and for Special Prizes such as Best Show, Best b.boy, Best Poppin’, Best Lockin’, Best New Style and Best House Dancer.
So. as every respectable hip hop show is about groove, it is also about style, totally about dancing and last but not least,  all about winning!

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