An Evening with Dante Alighieri


The Tube strike did not deter a small crowd to attend an evening dedicated to Dante Alighieri hosted at the Italian Cultural Institute. A very interesting talk by Professor Enrico Malato from the Universita’ Federico II in Naples, especially flown from Italy for this event, has kept the audience enthralled explaining the birth of the Love Poems during the Middle Age in Italy and the political life at those times.

And with a very flowing speech, Professor Malato went from Dante’s first steps in poetry, his life to the period where Florence started to be the centre of culture in Italy promoting the Arts and its artists. For the guests who could not speak italian, the simultaneous translation by Ms Consuelo Hackney provided a great occasion allowing the audience to follow the talk. After this introduction a reading in italian and english by Nadia Ostacchini from the Tricolore Theatre Company, promoted the publishing of the “ Rime” by Dante Alighieri, translated by J.G. Nichols and Anthony Mortimer for Oneworld Classics publishing house.

dante_ici2.jpgIn “ Rime” there are few verses missing because Dante Alighieri decided to include them in another book “ La Vita Nuova”. And next to be published by Oneworld Classics is “La Vita Nuova” translated for the english market. Between one reading and the other it has been possible to listen to a series of medieval music thanks to Cristina Lyssimachou who played the theorbo, a string instrument from the late 16th century. The sweet music by Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger and Alessandro Piccinini gave a beautiful atmosphere during the reading. It’s thanks to Italian Cultural Institute if it is possible to enjoy an evening like this.

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