Liu Xiaobo: China’s double face.


Since the beginning there has always been a double face in the world. The face sincere and the one insincere, the face that smiles, the one that cries, the face of rich countries, the face of the starving ones. In spite of the double face, people continue their perfect  lives hiding incoherence and dirtiness.

There would be nothing bad in the double face if anyone were aware and informed about it, trying to see it as a human condition. The contradiction is life itself, the coherence is a “clean” and kind way to make fun of life, till killing it.

China is the best example of a clean, ridiculous and false coherence, made up of laissez-faire in the economic field, whose double face is dumping, and democracy dissimulating the persecution of people fighting to support the freedom of  human rights.

In spite of the attempts to demonstrate its power, China has recently shown its weakness: the double face. On one side, the article 35 of its constitution affirms the right of expression and democracy, on the other side it condemned Liu Xiaobo to eleven years of jail. Moreover, on one side it  carries progress, respect of trade values and opinions, on the other one it keeps LAOGAI ( places were prisoners are inhumanly treated till to death and lose their dignity on the purpose of a reeducation…what kind of reeducation? Is anyone able to explain it?

The fault of Liu Xiaobo is of having enlightened people about China’s double face, by demonstrations such as his participation to the manifestation of Tiananmen Square, by writing Charta 08, adopted on the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human rights. It represents a precious “CONSTITUTION” based not just on empty words but on the efforts of a man, a Nobel award…a free soul.

Xiaobo is the double face of China, the inconvenient voice spattering with mud the clean Chinese society. That’s why the Chinese government both blamed the decision of the Nobel Committee to reward Liu and  stopped his wife from talking to the media when the news was spread.

There  would be nothing bad in the double face if anyone were aware and informed about it…then why does China want to suppress it?? Is it just a matter of appearence or is there something worse and inhuman beyond the double face??