We publish a letter from a father of a young girl that suffers from Multiple Sclerosis


 The Italoeuropeo has received a letter from a father of a young girl that suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The letter emphasizes the importance  of a new method, useful  treating this disease . This research was conducted  by Prof. Zamboni who claims Multiple Sclerosis  is caused by narrowed veins. We publish this letter and we are going to issue all the scientific material concern the new research.


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From:Puccio M. <.…………………………….Date:Dec 12, 2010 10:56 PMTo:office@italoeuropeo.co.uk





” Dear Director,

I am the father of a 24 years old girl , that the doctors have been diagnosed multiple sclerosis just few weeks ago.I do not hide that my heart sank, but at the same time I became aware of a method that probably has no connection with multiple sclerosis but it could have some relations. The research of this method was made by Prof. Zamboni, who put in turmoil the scientific community, in particular, he has given annoyance to the Neurologists sclerosis centers, which are threatened for their “precious” monopoly concerning a new disease: CCSVI (Renal Chronic venous Cerebrospinal). Basically it regards the “fillings” of the jugular veins and the azygos vein. This fact does not allow the venous blood to flow properly from the brain to the heart bringing as result inflammation in the central nervous system. It seems paradoxical, but, almost all Multiple Sclerosis patients, and only them, have these veins blocked (in healthy people and patients with other neurodegenerative diseases have not been observed). Through a simple operation of angioplasty, quite safely, the patients can get the dilation of these veins, giving almost immediate benefit to the patients. Moreover, many patients with Multiple Sclerosis have taken over functions that had long been lost (clearly the neurological damage caused over time is not recoverable) Prof. Zamboni was suppose to start a new research funded by AISM ( Italian Association Multiple Sclerosis Society) demonstrating a scientific theory and the method. Following a misunderstanding, the diagnostic methodology did not correspond to the protocol stretched out by Prof. Zamboni, he did not bring forward the research anymore. An important thing: The result of Echocolordoppler Examination made to my daughter showed the two jugular veins clogged. Please discuss about this opportunity in your magazine because the Ministry of Health always delayed the trial, and the research -experimentation never starts. It is important. Beyond that CCSVI has got a connection with the Multiple Sclerosis, it is still a serious disease that, if operated, brings benefits to the patients suffering from this disease.

Thanks for the attention,

Puccio M.


 It seems correct and important to publish this appeal and to present other ways to hold in consideration in front of a serious illness. The interest of the research and the medicine  is obliged (or it should obliged) to consider all the possibilities.

Italoeuropeo will still publish materials to the respect of this new experimental way, because the purpose of information is to bring   knowledge   spreading the result of researches.


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translation: Cinzia Cerbino – italoeuropeo

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