Lindsey Davis in conversation with Lauren Henderson


Two ladies of the crime fiction genre have been in conversation at the Italian Cultural Institute for the series of meeting with Anglophone writers passionate by Italy and its culture.

Maxim Jakubowski, who organized all these meetings, introduced both authors and then the audience had a very lively evening with these two sparkling writers Well-known author Lindsey Davis, creator of the ancient roman detective Didius Marcus Falco, has been the guest for this evening, where journalist and writer Lauren Henderson introduced Ms Davis highlighting her achievements and awards won thanks to her painstakingly work of research to be documented about life in ancient Rome where her character lives and works that in a poll among readers about who was the sexiest male character in novels, he arrived second only after Rhett Butler. When asked why a woman has written a series of books with a male character, Ms Davis answered that she wanted to write her books set in ancient time but obviously using a woman would have not been a proper thing because of the mentality during ancient times regarding the role of a woman in the social life. Lindsey Davis had the honour to be awarded with the “Premio Colosseo” an acknowledgment given by the City of Rome very sparingly, to who enhance the image of Rome in the world.

The only other recipient of this award has been Franco Zeffirelli. Both authors are part of the “Noir Literature” so the conversation has been well balanced and the questions asked has been well received and answered for the joy of the audience who attended this event, with moment of laughter thanks to quite a few answers from Ms Davis very humorous. During the evening passages from “Nemesis”, “A Body in the Bath House” and “Falco the Official Companion” has been read without giving any clue of what was happening in the plot just not to spoil the fun, but enough to wet the appetite of the readers. Focus of the evening it has been Lindsey Davis latest book “Nemesis” where Falco find himself entangled in another mystery and where families are involved.

This is a style very much different from Lauren Henderson’s heroine Sam Jones, very modern, a sculptress and casual sleuth. Questions from the public have been made and everybody after the conversation surrounded the Italian Bookshop’s point of sale to buy copies of the books mentioned and asked the authors to sign them.


Biography: Lindsey Davis