MArteLive eco-design in transit to London


From Italy to the UK the best emergent eco-designers of MArteLive Festival will showcase in the London spotlight. Two venues for the new talents of ethic craft and fashion: the icon store of green living “Eco-Age” and the most trendy London charity shop “Traid” mixing fashion and environment protection.From Tuesday the 1st until the 7th of February –

Eco-Age 213 Chiswick High Road, London W4 2DW (Opening time Tue-Sat 10 am-6 pm)

Traid 154 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0NE (Opening time Mon-Sat 10 am- 6-pm and Sun 11am to 5pm)

MArteLive is the Italian talent scouting Festival created by Procult Cultural Association. Running in its eleventh year the influence of its emergent art observatory continues to grow and the value of its artistic output is gaining increasing important at home and overseas! People recognizes the MArteLive as “The Total Show” being a format dedicated to music, painting, theater, dance, sculpture, poetry, circus, photo; digital graphic; installation; visual art; vj; dj; cinema; cartoon; cinema and the younger sections Eco – Craft and Fashion &Recycling. At this stage with the proposals to support its emergent artists and to further develop the relationship between Art & Nature as the new creative frontier MArteLive has built up a partnership with the London green hub “Eco-Age” and “TRAID” – Textile Recycling for Aid and International Development – the popular not for profit organization mixing fashion and environment protection. Londoners Partners will award their favorite MArteLive designers giving them the opportunity to show case and sell their own creations into their popular stores during the first week of February.

Between Camden and Chiswick the craft maker Mariagrazia Palmaccio and the fashion designers “Strabilia” & “Le Gout Interièur” will share the scene! Silvia De Vincentiis in charge of both MArteLive Eco-Design and Fashion & Recycling sections of said: “As organizer of MArteLive eco-division, I am proud and excited to involve such great actors on the international sustainable scene sharing the same values about sensitivity to nature and ecological sustainability in art – MArteLive is proud of this co-operation path contributed as a stronger and more effective way to educate his audience in the awareness of a fashion art and a fashion market increasingly more sensitive to the issues of recycling and reuse”.

MArteLive philosophy is focused on art and entertainment as the best ways to speak to people, it represents an absolute innovation in the cultural scene with a Festival crossing time and space with contests, events and cultural training. MArteLive is the heart of a strong renewing movement of cultural and art and it’s now transiting in London…it will leave its mark!



After ten years the exclusive Italian talents scouting Festival MArtelive  –  is proud to present its best eco-designers  across Londoners two fascinating ethical stores.


Prepare to be impressed by the craft of Mariagrazia Palmaccio. Her “estro”

allows each object, despite its humble origins, to posses a talismanic potency, and an iconic attraction…under the tic-tac of ancient clocks. 


Come and mingle with “Strabilia” and her        magic able to transform the inner tubes from wheels in stylish bags and accessories…a bit like the fairy with Cinderella’s pumpkin!


Let Ugo Masini’s couture interpret you with the bohemian charm of his

“Gout Intèrieur”- ECO-AGE – 






Ugo Masini 

Ugo Masini was born in Latina, on the coast south of Rome on the 24th of September 1981. After studying at the school of art, he enrolled at “La Sapienza” University of Rome specialising in costume and fashion design.

During his university career he spent his first years in the fashion and costume world working as a costume designer for the theatre, styling and fashion photo shoots.

All his creations were entirely handmade.

Masini’s works were guided by his own philosophy “Le Gout Intérieur” meaning the research of a style in fashion which reflects and express our own innermost taste. Every single individual should dress according to their own personality”.

The uniqueness of every person inspires Ugo to work with his recycling-textiles and vintage pieces.




With such a strong sense of cinema and fashion and her experience in dance and music, Leda Mazzariello, stage name Strabilia, opens her mind to any idea in order to develop her application as graphic designer.

With her fantasy Leda is able to transform inner tubes from wheels or cutlery in stylish works…a bit like a Cinderella’s fairy with her pumpkin!

Leda’s bags are exclusive handmade creations: mini and maxi bags, clutch bag, shoulder bags are refined in every design details, using different techniques time after time, depending on the features of the inner tube used that could be reused from a car, a bicycle or a tractor.      


The showcases will be curated by

   Miss Silvia DeVincentiis


   in charge of MArteLive Eco-Craft and 



   Fashion &Recycling sections.    




For further information and for press queries:


 Marina Brudaglio  

 Press Office and Marketing MArteLive UK


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