Gianluca Pellerito and his Quartet, a 16 years old jazz star


 Jazz lovers in London discovered an amazing talent during a session at the Italian Cultural Institute in occasion of the “London Jazz Party” hosted in Belgrave Square. Drummer Gianluca Pellerito, a Sicilian teenager, enchanted the audience playing with his group, the “Gianluca Pellerito Quartet”.

It is incredible how a 16 years old could lead accomplished musicians but this is the case, this group is just right and when Gianluca starts his solos at the drums, everyone forgets his age, he is so talented and his virtuosity masterfully executed that at the end the only thing to do is to clap vigorously to show the appreciation for this performance.

Gianluca Pellerito together with Michael Eckroth at the piano, Marco Panascia at the bass and Michael Rosen at the sax gave the audience an evening where classical and modern jazz have been played for everyone’s delight. In the programme pieces by Jaco Pastoius, Dave Brubeck, Kenny Dorham, George Gerswhin, Pat Metheny, Chick Corea and Duke Ellington have been performed excellently.

Gianluca Pellerito started playing the drums when he was just three years old, using pots and pans from his mother’s kitchen, then few years later he started a course where his teacher said to his parents that if he was playing drums like that at that moment, when he would have been eight years old he would have been a genius. Just to affirm this prophecy, when Gianluca was eight he has been offered a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in United States of America which he will take when finishing his regular studies and he will reach the age of majority.

Despite being a jazz star he is a grounded boy, and his family supports him following him around the world when he has to perform with his group or as a guest with other major jazz players, in theatres and international festival like Umbria Jazz just to name one. Hopefully we will see more of the Gianluca Pellerito Quartet, London, has a long tradition in jazz music and it cannot miss this young artist and his group and ItaloEuropeo wishes Gianluca a string of gigs at the temples of jazz in London.