Mind controlled computer: a technology that “feels”.


Technology has been challenging human borders. An example of such a great thing is the mind controlled computer projected by Emotiv Systems in conjunction with the Sydney based Industrial Design consultancy.The mind controlled computer, whose name is the Epoc, is a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. This device relies on the latest developments in neuro-technology since it is controlled directly by mind. In fact it works this way: a headset connected wirelessly with the PC is made up of a set of sensors catching the electric signals of the mind and transferring them on the computer.

Therefore the mind controlled computer is an important instrument both for computer users and disabled patients who cannot express themselves by their body, hands or fingers. In order to help disabled people the Epoc provides life changing applications such as controlling an electric wheelchair, mind-keyboard, or playing a hands-free game. Just wearing the headset anyone can send neural signals to the pc.“These neural signals are then narrowed down and interpreted in 30 possible ways”-one of the researcher of Emotiv Systems says- “so that real-time intentions, emotions or facial expressions are reflected in virtual world characters and actions in a way that a joystick or other type of controller could not hope to match” he continues in the speech.

In fact, thanks to the mind controlled computer, anyone can use thoughts, feelings and emotion to dynamically create color, music, and art. Besides being an important tool, the device enables gamers to use their own brain activity to interact with the virtual worlds where they play. Play games developed specifically for the Epoc, interact with current PC games and experience them in a completely new way. Thanks to technology our lives have been significantly improved so what are we expected to see? After the mind controlled computer perhaps a “virtual best friend”.

photo: fctech.blogspot.com