London David Hewson: Crime Fiction Books


At the Italian Cultural Institute this series of conversations is very popular and every month the hall in Belgrave Square is full of people who love crime fiction books. The latest conversation has been with c, well-known for his detective Nic Costa with his novels set in modern Rome.

Barry Forshaw, with his ability to find interesting questions to ask to the authors involved in this project by Maxim Jakubowski, kept the audience amused while David Hewson with a deadpan expression gave very witty and funny answers. During the conversation about his books, the author has spoken about Rome, especially central Rome where his hero is working, so the audience could hear about roman hidden gems like the house where Lucrezia Borgia was born in Campo De Fiori and other small thing known only to the ones who are living in this historical area of Rome.

David Hewson declared that every time he writes a new book, he always rent a flat in the area, to immerge himself in the atmosphere of his character and he starts to know the people around where he lives like the “barista” at the coffee shop or the man who sells newspapers. The first time that David Hewson went to Italy it has been when he was 23 years old and he was there to interview Silvio Berlusconi when he was still a tycoon probably moving his first steps in politic.

Occasion for this evening it has been the launch of his latest book “The Fallen Angel”, another instalment of the Costa’s Series which it has been optioned by Bavaria Media Italia for a TV series in English set in Rome which comprises all the eleven books with this character. After the introduction of “The Fallen Angel”, a round of questions from the audience kept the author busy and at the end, thanks to the Italian Bookshop who organised a point of sale, books could be purchased and then signed by David Hewson who exchanged a few words with everyone, mingling with those present at the event.