Italian cinema London 2011


Italian cinema London We would like to bring to your attention some of our own new discoveries, which we have included in Italian Cinema London 2011 programme.

ICL’s team

Io sono con te / Let It Be

by Guido Chiesa (12), 102′, 2010

Cast: Nadia Khlifi, Rabeb Srairi, Mustapha Benstiti

Mary is not only the mother of Christ, but rather a courageous heroine fighting against the social and moral laws of her time. A challenging and absorbing portrait, minimalist in its outlook and revealing in its message.

Screening at:

Riverside Studios on 2nd April at 16:05

Genesis on 7th April at 20:00

Phoenix on 8th April at 18:30

Italian cinema London 

L'Estate di                   Martino

L’estate di Martino / Martino’s Summer

by Massimo Natale (12), 90′, 2010

Cast: Treat Williams, Luigi Ciardo, Matilde Maggio

Summer 1980s, a solitary beach in Southern Italy, the friendship between a captain of the US army and a 14-year-old boy. A coming-of-age story narrated with a fresh and delicate touch, one of the most acclaimed debut features of the year.

Screening at:

Riverside Studios on 2nd April at 18:25

Riverside Studios on 9th April at 14:00

Genesis on 7th April at 20:00

Italian cinema London 

La Bocca Del Lupo

La bocca del lupo / The Mouth of the Wolf

by Pietro Marcello (15), 76′, 2009

Cast: Vincenzo Motta, Mary Monaco

A man returns after a long absence. The Genoa of his memory has vanished, but someone is still waiting for him at home. A spellbinding blend of documentary, fiction and poetic experiments. A human and cinematic triumph, prize-winning at Turin and Berlin.

Screening at:

Riverside Studios on 6th April at 21:00

Genesis on 8th April at 20:00

Italian cinema London 

Le Quattro Volte

Le Quattro Volte / The Four Times

by Michelangelo Frammartino (12), 90′, 2010

Cast: (a shepherd, a dog, some goats, a tree)

The Four Times is an extraordinary sensorial experience narrating the cycle of life in a small village in the Calabrian mountains. This audiovisual masterpiece depicts the tale of an old shepherd, a kid goat and the ancestral ritual of transforming a majestic tree into coal. Revelation at the Quinzaine des Realizateurs, Cannes.

Screening at:

Riverside Studios on 9th April at 18:20

Riverside Studios on 10th April at 14:00



by Salvatore Mereu (12), 67′, 2010

Cast: Abdulla Seye, Oscar Vincis, Munira Amhetovic

Different from anything you have ever seen, this film is fresh and incredibly deep as only teen-agers can be. A combination of extreme stories seen through the eyes of thirteen/fourteen year old: intense love and hatred, the discovery of romantic sex, the rebellion against parents and rules, the fight against poverty.

An incredibly subtle description of the coming-of-age of a generation on the outskirts of a multicultural Cagliari in Sardinia. A film scripted and directed by students. Winner of the UK’s Italy Creative Industries Award and Best Innovative Budget at the 67th Venice Film Festival.

Screening at:

Riverside Studios on 5th April at 18:15

Eva e Adamo

Eva e Adamo / Eve and Adam

by Vittorio Moroni (15), 77’, 2009

Cast: Deborah Colombo, Erika Milano, Veronica Viani

All love stories are unique, but some defy conventions more than others. Only a few really teach us how diverse love can be. Three stories told from the point of view of three unconventional women.

Screening at:

Genesis on 4th April at 20:00

Riverside Studios on 10th April at 15:50

Niente Paura

Niente Paura / No Fear

by Piergiorgio Gay (12), 90’, 2010

Cast: Luciano Ligabue, Giovanni Soldini, Stefano Rodotà, Carlo Verdone, Paolo Rossi, Margherita Hack, Fabio Volo

An act of civil passion, a heated reflection on contemporary Italy. Through the songs of top Italian singer Luciano Ligabue – a documentary against indifference, in a country that is longing for changes.

Screened at:

Genesis on 6th April at 20:00

Riverside Studios on 7th April at 21:00

Riverside Studios on 9th April at 16:10

Before The                   Revolution


BFI Southbank

April + May 2011

Bernardo Bertolucci

Join us to celebrate the work of Italian cinema maestro, Bernardo Bertolucci, the man who inspired the likes of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. Our two month season includes an extended run of his brilliantly assured second feature Before the Revolution, plus Marlon Brando at his finest in the controversial Last Tango In Paris and the Oscar winning historical epic The Last Emperor.

“Rarely has cinema been so daring or freighted” The Guardian on The Conformist

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