War Explodes Far From The Generals


Ten years after the disaster at Ground Zero, a specialized commando seems to have ended the career of Osama Bin Laden, maître à penser of Al Qaeda and public enemy number one. He has took refuge in Pakistan, in a bunker with walls five meters thick, away from the battlefield and the shooting of Kalashnikovs. Terror is over, now starts the fear. Behind all the headlines and political messages there is this concept, real and dismay. Marek Edelman always said that “you never know what you have to get used to”, having lived the experience of the extermination of the Jewish in the Warsaw ghettos, and to be released so daring, clinging to the mood of a violated freedom.

The murder dwells in the human being from ancient times, when the instinct prevailed on the feelings, and no one had again coined the term civilization. Today, is a claim to obtain peace by many ways: human, social, legal – it is the desperation that leads men not to enlist in these legions. And on the restless minds burst investigations without any progress: the scandal rises, and everything stops. We are meat for news. The geometries of the disaster have only one engine: the individualism of the more harmful species on the planet. We do not have a cure for this evil, to overwhelm ourself is a metastasis that doctors, philosophers, intellectuals and clergy can (rarely) explain with conflicting theories. The Nevermore that many “thirsty for Doing Good” recite in chorus, has become a cog in the show.

TV wants the first line, and a comfortable trench shows us what we are not ashamed, not sparing the dignity of death attacks, dead bodies, splatter movies, relicts and cataclysms. Even when it publishes a photograph obviously fake, like the one that has circulated for nearly twenty hours from the Web to the front pages of newspapers. Stuff of 2006. The U.S. President said in a message to the world that “justice was done” despite missing the Mullah Omar and a number of hazardous elements, the body of the sheikh of terror, and more certainties on the matter. According to DNA testing there would not be evidence of his death, but few minutes are not enough to obtain those results. So the question remains, together with the exultation of a troop of possessed in front of the White House.

How is possible to make a party before the death of anyone? Perhaps only with the dangerous excitement of the screen, that in concreteness can not replace us. We are necessary and essential, in contrast to each target, circuit, camera. A few years ago was filmed the death of an athlete on a football field. He slumped on his heart, demanding the replacement not only for itself, but for the team. In an extreme gesture, he explained that the verb of life must be conjugate in the plural. The wrestlers for peace that not dance on the corpses of the defeated are hungry for truth.