Forbidden Interference


Someone says that the mother of the problems is management. It may be true, but it is known that for governments the ideal “public awareness” gets charge of its own affairs without disturbing the great operator. Even on the environment. So, to a lot of people remains only a dream in first person. In that dream, I turned on the fire with a dry straw, and when it crackled my grandfather added a big log of wood harvested in the woods. My mother went to the mill once a week. The mill worked through a large iron wheel driven by the energy of a canal; it was used to grind corn to obtain yellow and white flour. Into the house wafted smells good when everyone was preparing bread on the kitchen table. Many of the products of the family pantry stemmed from our crops. 

In the country there were those who worked the iron, the wood, who was a cobbler, and who had a workshop: everywhere, echoed the sound of living things. Even the people seemed more active, passionate, was enough to look at the colors of their face: white and red. I dreamed of these things, and while I thought about the “digital civilization”. It would be a disaster if the man stopped to do anything with his own hands. He should treat and care the natural resources much better. These thoughts saddened me a little. In the city I was watching the passers, I mirrored in the windows and I saw that I had the same pale face like anyone else. The authorities told us that we are identical because we are modern men. To light the fire we do not need more a straw; the energy that turns the mill wheel does not come more from a ditch, and to knead bread we have an automatic mixer.

Everything has become faster and comfortable. They tell us that solar energy is not cheap, and that from the wind is too slow to form. In addition, we have a less expensive technology, but the core that produces it sends to the sky an invisible smoke that when falls to the ground makes men pale as wax. Then we get sick and die. This core has a name, is called nuclear energy, and I wonder if the experience of Japan will serve as an example.