Enough Of This Tuning


The chalk scrapes on the blackboard, producing the sound of reality. And reality is never quite established. It does not have the double face of a scoundrel. It is made ​​up of many little people, places, events, individuals who change the face of the world: we should not be frightened by tuning. 

Without the inner revolution is not possible to conquer any right. Changing our own world is like change the future itself, and writing a part of it. This is the true rebellion: starting in a starless night, scared by the shadows that stretch ahead, and then realize that between these shadows there are arms, eyes and hearts that help us. We do not deserve the selling off of publicand civil values, the insults in Parliament, and laws that deny justice; we do not deserve a Europe as we see it today: divided, disorganized, disarrayed. Even in journalism. 

The founder of Le Monde was right: the street screams the news, the radio picks it up, the television shows it, the Press explains it. And often, today, it explains in a partial, incomplete, biased mood. We are experiencing a strange journalistic season: it happens all over, and “communicate” even appearing naked to sponsor his own activity, the idea, the subject. A lot of us are determined to expose, in other words, their outer intimacy. There is a general barbarization. Who shouts loudly, thinks to be more authoritative. The imperative is astounding with scantily clad women, with a bizarrely dressed man who is not even a boy or a girl, with the clamor of the plaisanterie. So, the broil is in the limelight: slaps and curses, and the challenge to who steals more people’s consent. And the street fighting man is called into question only to gahter support. These are the “fashion scoop”: more than striking bass drum, dissonant blasts of trumpet. This is the reason why the daily and weekly measure the wind of reality by raising a moistened finger in the air. And someone pretends to tell us what the weather will do.

The sighs, amplified by the cameras, they become explosions, and it seems impossible to restore a little bit of order. Thus, it becomes difficult to understand where go to parry. Giving the word to everyone, especially to the seditious, is not the way to offer the truth. Some people debate whether it is more free a press editor or that of a commercial channel; in our opinion, everyone responds for himself. The owners are in the institutions as well as in villages, and much depends on what they ask. And if they do not need to ask, it means that the supply is high. It’s always important, in the hubbub, to look into the events with a certain calm, with the detachment that requires the serious information, which can also wrong but never sounds fake.