The modern migrants holocaust


 I don’t believe that Europe retains a racist spirit. Maybe some reflux of the past, some fear of a reverse colonization may grow, but fanatical, intolerant and cruel not. Unfortunately, on the coasts of the high Mediterranean continues the landing of illegal immigrants running away from a fierce fate, and the Norwegian carnage has stirred conflicting reactions, some of them rather dubious.

The few survivors waving Celtic crosses or hooks are a disgusting aspect of society, not than a real danger. But the troubles can also begin as follows: seven were the first comrades of the Führer, who dragged seventy million of Germans to the madness. When Einstein sought refuge in the U.S. someone gave him, like to all migrants, a form to fill. There was to respond to one voice: race. He wrote: human. Cultural barriers divide more than morphological characters.

And the responsibility is ours. If Darwin’s version is correct, and we are all descendants of the great apes, there are differences between us, but believe in the superiority of white man is chasing the culture of the detergent: paler than that is impossible. The past is an unheard lesson, even anniversaries serve only casual consideration. I would like to bring the neo-Nazi to Auschwitz, and who has doubts about the Holocaust.

I would like to lead them between the Blöcke and the humid smell of rotting wood, let them hear the bell that sounded out of tune during the calls, show them the barbed wire dripping in the rain, the iron writing “Arbeit Macht Frei”, the spectral spotlights, the grey light, the wooden piano that accompanied too many children during their last trip, the emaciated photos with the names of the prisoners.

And again, piled up, thousands of shaving brushes, hundreds of suitcases with labels of the hotels, the fibers of the poor, the dressing gowns and the cans of Gypsies or Jews children.

Further on there is a pond, and under that water lies a number of innocent creatures, what is left of them. Is it really necessary today, reject or ignore the migrants, only because evicted from their land? Even in Dachau there was a convent of cloistered with an atoning meaning, but history does not teach anything. Behind the barbed wire was found a poem that says:“”I will die tomorrow/With words of love on the lips/In the dawn of an exile night/One/In front of the indifferent sky/No one will know my fatigue/To become a man”.

In the Anne Frank’s diary is written that men are not bad. Forgetful, yes.