Stress management Mission to Identify London’s


Can you imagine a single day with no stress at the office?

On National Stress Awareness Day, Wednesday November 2nd, the author and creator of this annual event in 1998, Carole Spiers, past Chair of the International Stress Management Association, will be on a mission to identify who has the most stressful job in London.

Is it:

  • City workers or professionals?

  • Secretaries or office staff?

  • Taxi or bus drivers?

  • Retail Assistants?

  • TV or radio presenters?

“The shocking fact is”, says Carole, “that workplace stress causes more absenteeism than any other factor and costs business in London, billions of pounds each year”. [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development].

In Carole’s new book, “Show Stress Who’s Boss!”, she uncovers the truth that demolishes the myths about stress and reveals how to create a workforce that is happy and inspired.

“How often do you find yourself complaining, ‘I’m stressed-out!’ However, there are simple strategies to beat stress – it’s not rocket science! We shouldn’t just accept

that it goes with the job” says Carole. “Employers need to know that all it takes for a happier workforce and increased productivity, is a no-nonsense approach to tackling the causes of stress.” 

To help you discover the most stressful times of your day, Carole offers a simple Stress Test card together with her new book ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss! “Once you are aware of your stress levels, then you will be better equipped to find a solution”, she says.

On National Stress Awareness Day, Wednesday 2nd November, Carole is planning to go out into the streets of London with a supply of Stress Test cards to offer people the chance to find out how stressed they really are. “I can show you how to do that in 10 seconds!”, says Carole, “and then give you the tools to do the job!

About Carole Spiers MIHPE MISMA

In 1998, Carole Spiers, former chair of the International Stress Management Association, established National Stress Awareness Day on their behalf.

Her credibility is rooted in twenty years success as CEO of a leading stress management consultancy, working with equal success both in the UK and the Gulf. She is a leading authority on corporate stress, a BBC Guest-Broadcaster and author of anew book, ‘Show Stress Who’s Boss!’ that carries a foreword by Professor Cary Cooper, CBE.

An international Motivational Speaker, and a weekly columnist for Gulf News, Carole is regularly called upon by the media for comment.