Italy’s Mario Monti until 2013 polls’


There are many who see in him the right man for giving credence to Italy. Mario Monti was born in Varese, 68 years old he is one of the most authoritative Italian and European economists. For ten years the European commission, which is considered a hard and pure, that does not look at anybody when there is the market to defend against attacks from politicians and competitions.

Everyone remembers the act done by the billionaire Bill Gates Mountains against inflicting a record fine of 500 million for violating the anti trust. Monti graduated from Bocconi University in 1965, then the Yale University specialization in the United States and then return to Italy, first at the University of Turin, then at the Bocconi University in which first became rector and president a position he still holds. Estimated technical, rigorous impartial, was appointed commissioner in 1994 by Berlusconi, then the confirmation of the center-left government. Monti has the ability to manage public finances and apply the necessary rigor and inpartial to estimate the monetary budgets.

His battles as well as in Europe has made them even through his editorials in the Corriere della Sera,November 9, President Napolitano appointed him senator for life of the Italian Republic, for excellence in science and social fields. Then on November 13 the head of state to take charge of the new government after the failure of Berlusconi.

Monti agrees, precise and rigorous, in a nutshell sums up the fate of Italy: “… return to the path of growth with equity in May ‘social, that Italy is to become a point of force in Europe … “foundations on which Monti has always believed.. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has called for an national effort to support Mr Monti and win back the confidence of international markets.

Here is the new team of government Mountains:

Prime minister  and Minister of Economy and Finance: Senator Prof. Mario Monti


Foreign Minister: Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata

Minister of Justice: PAOLA SEVERINO

Minister for the Environment: Corrado Clini

Minister of Development and Infrastructure: Corrado Passera

Minister of Education: FRANCIS PERFUME

Minister of Defence: Giampaolo Di Paola

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry: MARIO CATANIA

Minister of Welfare Elsa Fornero

Health Minister Renato Balduzzi

Ministers without portfolio

Minister for Relations with Parliament Piero Giarda

Minister for Relations with EU Enzo Moavero Milanesi

Minister to territorial cohesion Fabrizio Barca

Minister of International Cooperation: Andrea Riccardi

Minister of Cultural Heritage LORENZO ORNAGHI


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