Kokku filigree jewellery at the Dolce Vita exhibition 2012


Kokku is a platform created for the purpose of preserving the art of handmade filigree in Sardinia and the best craftsmens of the filigree can find international exposure in Kokku. Straight from the ancient island of Sardinia international brand kokku supports the preservation of a dying art unrivalled in its level of precision, intricacy and beauty. With a Keen eye for the exquisite, Kokku selects only the highest quality gold and silver filigree rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms.

Kokku is a platform created for the purpose of preserving the art of handmade filigree in Sardinia and the best craftsmens of the filigree can find international exposure in Kokku. Behind the KOKKU (which takes its name from a type of Sardinian amulet for protecting newborns against the “evil eye”) vision are Andrea Usai and his wife, and business partner, Ansula.


Ansula has inherited the creative spirit from a generation of architects and designers, while Andrea has extensive experience in the luxury travel sector. This, together with their rich cultural heritage in Sardinia, Sri Lanka & Germany, means that they are passionate to make KOKKU their own legacy.

Each bespoke adornment has been personally and meticulously handpicked not only for its delicate grace and stylish refinement but also, more intimately, for the way the pieces “resonate” with a wealth of “sacred” personal memories and “touching” moments from key stages in their lives.


Speaking about the KOKKU brand and its unique collections, founder Andrea says that he hopes these pieces, and the heritage crafts they index, become treasured mementos for people around the world. He said: “People all over the world incessantly seek personal and valuable objects to symbolise special moments as tangible memorie s in their lives.


“We aim for nothing less than making available these precious mementos of tomorrow, while at the same time helping preserve undiscovered valuable craftsmanships and traditions within Sardinia, Sri Lanka and Germany that are threatened, through lack of exposure, with extinction.” “As a native Sardinian I am deeply proud to be involved in the promotion of the island’s filigree jewellery . . . and its survival.”


Jewellery in Sardinia has been made using the method of filigree workmanship for many centuries. In fact, the Sardinian tradition for filigree is between the most ancient in the world. It started with the decoration of sacred utensils for religious purposes, it continued with the creation of articles mainly produce to protect from evil’s eye (ill-wishing) to then reach the maximum level of intricacy with the decoration of filigree jewellery used to beatify women’s figure.

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Mixed with the traditional are exciting contemporary designs made possible thanks to a series of “significant innovations” in filigree metalwork. Indeed, several techniques used for KOKKU’s jewellery are patented and exclusively used by the local manufacturers. “There are two significant innovations,” explained Andrea. “The first is the size of the thread used. Some of our jewellery is decorated with filigree made of a thread with a diameter that can be as thin as 0.25mm.


“The second is the use of the filigree itself. In the original style of workmanship the filigree is used to decorate and beautify jewellery by adding a graceful touch. In many of our jewellery pieces, however, filigree is used not as a decorative addition but as a structural support for the design, making the pieces volumetric and light.” He added: “Each piece of KOKKU jewellery is timeless, and yet resonant both with its own heritage and with special moments in the person’s life. There is a definite mystic quality to it.”

Pieces in the KOKKU collection range from below £50 to above £1,000.

Kokku invites you to discover the finest hand-crafted filigree jewellery collection

At The Dolce Vita exhibition


9-12 march 2012


Jewellery will be displayed during the exhibition

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