Vanessa Paradis as rumours her relationship with Johnny Depp is floundering.


French actress Vanessa Paradis has spoken about feeling ‘in the depths of myself’ as her 14-year relationship with Hollywood star Johnny Depp is said to be on the brink of collapse The actress, who did not refer to Depp by name, claimed she didn’t believe in marriage or soulmates because ‘if you lose your soulmate everything is done for’.

According to People magazine, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and Paradis – who have been together for 14 years – are apparently living apart and haven’t attended an event together for more than a year A source has also commented on the apparent break-down of their relationship to Radar Online, stating: “Johnny isn’t handling anything well right now.

“People around him are worried about how Johnny is doing because he and Vanessa seem so fractured right now.

Their relationship is heading toward the end.” They continued: “Johnny has started reaching out to lawyers, probably to quietly discuss how to get out of the relationship Depp, 48, and Paradis, 39, who are parents to Lily-Rose, 12, and Jack, 9, have not appeared side-by-side on a red carpet for more than a year. What happened? The two seemed to have a romantic life together away from Hollywood, raising a blissful family in the French hamlet of Plan-de-la-Tour.

Although Vanessa is a performer as well, after appearing in Elisa in 1995 she decided to concentrate on her personal life and raise their two children: Lily-Rose Melody, born in 1999 and Jack, born in 2002. Vanessa has since returned to acting (she currently has two movies in post production). Now, reports say the two are rarely in the same city and only live as a couple when they are both in Los Angeles.