Brad Pitt the revelations of the Hollywood star


Brad Pitt said“Depression and drug abuse, Morocco has saved me ‘ I did the same thing every night and I am numb to being able to sleep. But a trip to Casablanca, Morocco, made me finally get off that couch in that country discovered the extreme poverty, one thing that I had never seen before, and I knew what my illness was unnecessary, because there people would only think to survive.

“Almost instantly Brad Pitt decided to do away with drugs and was held as invalidating only that of cigarettes, but left after the birth of the celebrities hiding figli. Mi struck me smoking too much grass I sat all day on the couch and I was turning into a donut. I was really angry with myself and wondered: “What’s the point? I know I can be better than that.”

Last week, the magazine OK! Had announced the pregnancy of Angelina, and a few days ago, the British tabloid Sun had published the photo of Jolie with her children around Los Angeles, with a tummy suspicion and a radiant smile. [photo]