Genny Mobility : The wheelchair of the Future


Genny Mobility : The wheelchair of the Future During the London 2012 Parlaympics Games Italoeuropeo had the special opportunity to know an amazing new technological product design for disable people, GennyTM, which could change in a couple of year the idea of traditional wheelchair .

This is a project totally ideated and produced by Italian creativity, in fact the inventor is the businessman Paolo Badano, who more than 16 years ago found himself having to live with his wheelchair because of a mere accident.

He immediately had to face the problem of the wheelchair’s market: few traditional variations of the classic four-wheeled chair, that, even if powered, always ended up having a number of limitations and being aesthetically questionable.

So while he was trying to improve his daily mobility he had the genius intuition: to use the technology of Segway PT, with its unique functions and stabilization abilities, to create a new generation of wheelchair.

Then after two years of collaboration with the experience of designers and engineers with worldwide reputation in robotics, the concept idea of Paolo Badano has become a reality with the new wheelchair GennyTM 2.0 : Its eye-catching design combined with a state-of-the-art technology breaks with all conventional schemes that were used up until now, finally pulling down any barrier, whether it’s a architectonic or a psychological one.

GennyTM 2.0 gives a new freedom of movement to its users, inaugurating a new transportation philosophy in personal mobility, and resolve all the difficulties faced by who used a traditional wheelchair such as looking down to the ground to avoid the little wheels to get stuck into little holes or cracks in the pavement or always having your hands tied up and often dirty.

The technology of GennyTM 2.0 uses the self-balancing basis of a Segway PT®, modified and adapted to new requirements. It is controlled by an intelligent network of sensors, a mechanical assembly and propulsion and control systems.

From the moment you sit on it, five gyroscopic sensors and two accelerometers register the change of terrain and the position of your body a hundred times a second, which is faster than our brain can think.

gimmi3This allow GennyTM 2.0 to move forward simply by leaning forward and to slow down and stop by leaning backwards. A handlebar allows the machine to rotate without complicated use of the hands, leaving them finally free.

The electric engines that run on a set of rechargeable Lythium-Ion batteries can make each of the wheels turn independently and with a different speed.

According to the ergonomy GennyTM 2.0 embraces the modular Tarta® system, that it is an ergonomic backrest studied by experts in postural optimisation , a mixture of design and state-of-the-art materials.

The Tarta® Back basically is an actual thorax where to the central vertebrae, that imitate the spinal column (to be personalised in shape and dimension) are attached adaptable aluminium or carbonium staves that follow the frame of a person.

The whole is refinished with pads in different shapes and sizes to optimise personalisation. Furthermore Paolo Badano, from the beginning of the project, has always focus on the safety of the user.

He paid particular attention to the parking of GennyTM 2.0 and the electronic safety related to it. Several electronic and mechanical appliances are easily commanded by pressing a button that activates the deployment of two self levelling legs that park GennyTM 2.0 safely on any kind of terrain.

Moreover different acoustic and visual signals give useful information to the user on how to safely ride GennyTM 2.0. It is equipped with a wireless 64bit codified key necessary for ignition that makes it impossible for GennyTM 2.0 to be used by non-authorised individuals and moreover provides all kinds of information on speed, distance, average per hour and time.

we have meet  Paolo Badano for Genny Mobility:

Which are the target and the limits for the future?

I believe that the future has no limits, and according to this philosophy Genny Team is constantly studying new devices that make Genny more and more sophisticated.

Our more satisfying achievement is when people are grate to Genny for the way it changed their lives and our aim is to keep doing it.

Does Italy invest in this project?

Actually we didn’t receive support from Italian institutions. In my opinion there is still too much ignorance about disability and the world connected to it.

This is also evidenced by the fact that in Italy there are too many places that have architectural barriers.

Genny makes many places, that before were inaccessible, perfectly accessible, but in Italy we still need a more massive and deep commitment from the institutions to enable people with disabilities to live an integrated life, as it should be.

gimmi2Finally the advantages that GennyTM 2.0 gives to its users are impossible for a traditional wheelchair. No wheelchair currently on the market, powered or not, can ride on difficult terrain such as beachfronts, snow or trails for a long time and with satisfying performance. GennyTM 2.0 does it naturally.

Something like holding hands with your loved while taking a walk, having an ice cream or walking your dog now is possible for those who are in a GennyTM 2.0.

Nothing is unthinkable anymore when speaking of `mobility`. Work and play will never be the same. This is also an immense improvement in social and psychological aspect.