Baby born with HIV, virus disappeared after treatment


Baby born with HIV, virus disappeared after treatment
Received antiretroviral therapy during the first 30 hours after birth. Now the standard tests are negative A new great blow to the fight against AIDS. A team of researchers’s University of Mississippi at Johns Hopkins, describes the first case in the world of “functional cure” in a baby affected by HIV and treated soon after birth.


The findings, researchers say, may help pave the way for the elimination of HIV infection in children.hough medical staff and scientists are unclear why the treatment was effective, the surprise success has raised hopes that the therapy might ultimately help doctors eradicate the virus among newborns.Dr Hannah Gay, who cared for the child at the University of Mississippi medical centre, told the Guardian the case amounted to the first “functional cure” of an HIV-infected child.

In sub-Saharan Africa, around 387,500 children aged 14 and under were receiving antiretroviral therapy in 2010. Many were born with the infection. Nearly 2 million more children of the same age in the region are in need of the drugs. It is not cure yet , but a big step for research and for the future.