The Italian Best Companies: Italy Can Do It Thanks To Its Talents


 1 trillion euros of aggregate turnover, almost two thirds of Italian GDP, and more than 57 billions euros in profit.

These are the amazing achievements reported by ESG89 Group in its volume “10280 – The Italian Best Companies 2013-2014”, presented on the 5th of March to the London Business Community during an event hosted by “L’Anima” restaurant of the celebrity chef Francesco Mazzei and organized by Stefano Potortì of SagitterOne.

Present at this event were Giovanni Giorgetti, CEO of ESG89 Group, Leonardo Simonelli Santi, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the UK , Marco Colombo, italian journalist and moderator of the event, as well as managers and analysts from Goldman Sachs, RBS, London Capital, Finsbury and many more.  

ESG89 is an international broker of financial data on Italian companies and London was the launch of its international roadmap to introduce and promote the best of  the Made in Italy through its goods and services. Indeed “The 10280 Italian Best Companies 2013-2014” is a collection of entrepreneurs selected by their economic indicators such as propensity to export, debt ratio and increase of equity, because these factors  insure their quality and the appeal Italy has kept on world’s markets.

During his pitch Mr. Simonelli Santi said Italian organizations for trade have the aim of supporting Italian companies already present on international markets and, despite the increasing international competition, Italy has got good cards to play because it has got a great business system as underlined on the ESG89’s volume.

In agreement with the previous statement, Giovanni Giorgetti focused on the Italian talents, “the industry excellence that represents the best investment for the future. We like to call them Italy’s Pride”. He outlined too that “in order to invigorate any stagnation in the Italian economy, future policies must endeavor to invest in a high quality, intelligent and sustainable “Made in Italy” goods and services. This must be coupled with a renew interest in innovation, education, social integration, energy and environmental policies”.

Although these premises, as natural the international guests expressed their dreads regarding the result of the last Italian elections, which scare investors because of they’ve determined the development of an unstable situation, both political and economic. Nevertheless in our interview to Mr. Giorgetti he stated his confidence on a turn led by the Italians’ ability of fascinating the world thanks to food, fashion, beautiful places, art, design and much more. “Politics can’t ruin everything what good entrepreneurs have been doing for ages” he said “and I’m here to represent them because Italian companies, especially medium-sized ones, needs to communicate abroad their potentialities as much as possible.  The companies which now are growing are those which have combined internationality with their high quality products”.

da sx  FRANCESCO-MAZZEI-CHEF-L ANIMA-LONDON GIOVANNI-GIORGETTI-CEO-ESG89-GROUPAlso Francesco Mazzei, the great Italian chef of “L’Anima”, is optimist about Italy’s perspectives. “Nowadays there is room only for excellence, not enough for mediocrity. There will never be crisis for high quality and us Italians are well known for that.” When I asked him how they manage to convey the Italian top quality to their customers he replied me smiling: “If you work fair, it’ll be a cakewalk. I’m Slow Food ambassador and that means we dedicate a particular care to the products we use. Everything we put into our dish is genuine, biologic and traceable”. In conclusion, being him a chef and an entrepreneur, I ask him to suggest a recipe for Italy and his words were: “Honesty. Paying taxes. Respecting European duties. And I hope Italy, that is a young nation, will find a unity because Italians need to work together on a great common project, without parochialism and silly divisions between South and North.”  (from_sx_ FRANCESCO-MAZZEI-CHEF-L_ANIMA-LONDON_GIOVANNI-GIORGETTI-CEO-ESG89-GROUP)


photo[ Leonardo Mercanti italoeuropeo]