Pope:”I will explain because I chose the name Francis”


Roma : Pope said :”I wanted to call Francis because during the election I had next to me Archbishop Emeritus of St. Paul and Cardinal Claudio Hummes, a great friend that when the probability to be elected arise  he comforted me. When I was elected he hug me and kissed me and said to me-  do not forget  poor people-. Just in relation to poverty and for the respect of  the Creation, I thought of Francis of Assisi.”

These have been the words of Pope Francesco I during the meeting this morning with journalists from around the world, in the Paul VI Hall in Rome.

Pope Francis face the subject of  how the role of mass media should be  and how it is indispensible for telling the stories of contemporary society.

He thanked the press for the work and the important and delicate mission that must be done in the field of communication, similar to the mission of the church that needs to communicate to the world the message of God.

 A standing ovation welcomed the entrance of the Holy Father. Applause and standing ovations at the end of his speech. “Your role is essential to tell the contemporary reality,” said Pope Francis. A simple speech and direct at the all press.

The new Pope, since the first night, entered in the hearts of the people, and this pope represents already a huge chance for the Catholic  church for a huge changement. He will be a  hope for the poor, and a reflection for the great of the earth. In the Catholic Church change ‘already’ has been done.

[photo – Fabio Cerbino]





Response to accusations against Bergoglio in Argentina

Vatican City,  – At this afternoon’s press conference, Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office read a statement responding to allegations made against Bergoglio in Argentina. It states:

“The campaign against Bergoglio is well-known and dates back to many years ago. It has been made by a publication that carries out sometimes slanderous and defamatory campaigns. The anticlerical cast of this campaign and of other accusations against Bergoglio is well-known and obvious.”