Response to accusations against Bergoglio in Argentina


Vatican City,  – At this afternoon’s press conference, Fr. Federico Lombardi, S.J., director of the Holy See Press Office read a statement responding to allegations made against Bergoglio in Argentina. It states:

“The campaign against Bergoglio is well-known and dates back to many years ago. It has been made by a publication that carries out sometimes slanderous and defamatory campaigns. The anticlerical cast of this campaign and of other accusations against Bergoglio is well-known and obvious.”

“The charges refer to the time before Jorge Mario Bergoglio became bishop [of Buenos Aires], when he was Provincial Superior of the Jesuits in Argentina and accuse him of not having protected two priests who were kidnapped.”

“This was never a concrete or credible accusation in his regard. He was questioned by an Argentinian court as someone aware of the situation but never as a defendant. He has, in documented form, denied any accusations.”

“Instead, there have been many declarations demonstrating how much Bergoglio did to protect many persons at the time of the military dictatorship. Bergoglio’s role, once he became bishop, in promoting a request for forgiveness of the Church in Argentina for not having done enough at the time of the dictatorship is also well-known.”

“The accusations pertain to a use of historical-sociological analysis of the dictatorship period made years ago by anticlerical elements to attack the Church. They must be firmly rejected.”


Habemus papam: Here’s Sam Jones on Bergoglio

Habemus Papam: Argentine cardinal becomes Pope FrancisSon of a railway, Italian origins with the name of Francis I, Cardinal Bergoglio is new Pope . The new pope begins to speak: “Buona sera.”,He says the other cardinals went to the end of the world to choose a bishop.He says he wants to pray for Benedict XVI.Let us pray altogether for him, Pope Francis says. He begins to recite the Lord’s prayer. Brothers and sisters, I leave you, he says. Thank you so much for your welcome. I’ll see you soon, he says. Good evening and have a good rest.


Pope Francis, biography and reacts

popeKitchen itself, moves in bus and he knows the Piedmontese dialect. This is the portrait of the new Pope Francis I.
The reactions of the world are very positive, the chosen name denotes a character and mission of humility ‘and mercy. The first pope Jesuit, who detaches from the church ordinary, a man much loved in Argentina.