Inauguration of the pontificate of Pope Bergoglio


Today the mass for the inauguration of the pontificate of Pope Bergoglio. Hundreds of thousands of people and 132 international delegations at the Vatican to celebrate.Among them the patriarchs, archbishops, cardinals, not more, the generals of religious orders, the Jesuits and the Franciscans.


In the churchyard of St. Peter the arrangement will be as follows: “On the left there will be the churchmen, archbishops and bishops, and representatives of other Christian communities, on the right, the delegations of foreign authorities; near the statue of St. Peter on the left, representatives of other religions, and 1200 priests and seminarians, and the rest of the posts is free. “he pope delighted the crowd when he arrived in an open-top popemobile and drove through the crowd, at one point getting out to kiss an ill or disabled man.We are celebrating the ministry of the new Bishop of Rome, Francis says of himself.

Jesus conferred power on Peter, but what sort of power was it, he asks.

Jesus told Peter: feed my lambs, feed my sheep. Let us never forget that real power is service, the pope says, and that the pope too must enter ever more fully into that service when exercising power.Afther Inside St Peter’s Basilica, the Pope have met world leaders.