The “Iron Lady” dies at 87


The “Iron Lady” dies at 87
Margaret Thatcher, one of the most controversial UK leaders in the recent history, died this morning after a stroke, as her family announced.
Baroness Thatcher, the first and the only woman Prime Minister, will receive the same ceremonial funeral as the Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, according to the statement of Downing Street.
The “Iron Lady” serving was the longest of the last 150 years in the UK, leading from 1979 to 1990 and raising loves and contrasts not only in Great Britain, but also in the rest of the World.

The PM David Cameron and The Mayor of London Boris Johnson commented via twitter immediately after Mark and Carol Thatcher announced the death of their mother.

David Miliband, the Labour leader, said to the Telegraph that Margaret Thatcher “defined the politics of
a whole generation” and was “a huge towering figure on the world stage”

The Iron Lady resigned from public life after a mini-stroke in 2002, no longer able to pronounce among the political leaders, as she had been doing even after she left the power in 1990.
Her influence helped the end of the Cold War, thanks to the friendship with the American President Reagan, and shaped the world politics, being a fundamental reference for countries like German, France, Italy and Spain.


America has been bound to the Baroness, and many leaders expressed their disappointment for the passing, as The New York Times reported

The strength and power granted the “Iron Lady” many opponents, both in UK and overseas.

The Falklands war is emblematic of the determination of the Baroness, who left into Argentina a wound which still hurts.
“She will be remembered as a leader who gave nothing positive to humankind,” said Ernesto Alberto Alonso, an Argentinian veteran of the war and president of the National Commission of Ex-Combatants of the Malvinas.

Liverpool was also the theater of the campaigns against Thatcher, whose legislation brought damages to industrial and manufacturing base.
“I think it’s a disgrace that she is getting a state funeral, what did she do to deserve that? All she was was the Prime Minister that helped make the country the way it is,” Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group Margaret Aspinall told the Liverpool Echo