Live Music in London: Rock and acoustic


Music and fun will be the main ingredients of the Rockoustic Night event which, next Wednesday, will be hosted at the Archangel Kensington, in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

The higher diploma students of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) organized the show, setting up six bands, which will perform on the stage of the venue.

“The event is part of our school programme and we have been asked to take care of every details, including the choice of the venue and the promotion work,” said Becky White, singer and Project Manager of the Champaign and the Flies band.

“The school,” she continued, “wants us to consider each aspect of the music show’s organization, not only the ones regarding the performance. We will be marked for the whole process of event planning.”

The co-operation among the students has been essential to the creation of the night. Basically every musicians had a specific role in the organization of the show, which will be a kind of exposition of the music industry’s emerging stars.

Even the name Rockoustic, which comes from the combination of Rock and Acoustic, has been chosen by the pupils. “It is intended to highlight the different genres we want to perform. They goes from soft and acoustic rock to south African & Celtic folk music, smooth jazz to folk rock and rhythm & blues,” told Daniel James Palazzi, promoter of the Suburban Mind, another band which will perform on the Archangel Kensington’s stage.

Through the Rockoustic night, the students from Vocal, Guitar, Drum and Bass courses will have the chance to turn into practice what they have learnt during the year.
As Champaign and The Flies’ stage manager Alessandro Ciminata explained, scholars from the four courses joined them together to set up the six bands.
“The way we create the groups is very easy. We met during the break or after classes and we asked each other if we wanted to play together. For example I asked one member of the Champaign and The Flies if they needed a singer and she said yes. So we started working together.”

Every group is born like this: by the meeting between students in the hall of the school,” he told.

The ICMP is renowned to be one of the leading British music school, cranking out every year hundreds of artists. Among its most famous alumni there are Harni Hjorvar, the bassist of The Vaccines, the guitarist Ben Martinez and The Script’s bass player Ben Sargeant. FLYER

Event: 15 May 2013 at 7pm
Venue: Archangel Kensington, 11-13 Kensington High Street, London, W85NP
Fees: £5 on door, £3 for ICMP students