Tennis arts

In these days, if you say tennis, you say Wimbledon. What else?

So, while on the most famous tennis courts the greatest tennis players of the world fight to win, during a definitely unusual beginning week, in Soho’s beautiful and colorful streets someone found an original way to put together art, tennis balls and charity.
This is TAB (Tennis Art Ball), a really interesting project, developed in association with WJ London and open to visitors from 25th June to 29th June, at 63’s Broadwick Street.

The idea is brilliant. You choose twelve artists and you give them their starting materials: one or two tennis balls for each one. All the rest will be their job: a creative process through which all involved artists are going to create their own and original masterpiece.
Only their starting input is connected to tennis; techniques and subjects instead are totally free. Each artist can work independently and choose what to do. And here is the most amazing aspect of this project: its experimental nature.

All the surprising results obtained thanks to this really interesting artistic project are now shown in TAB’s exhibition space, into an essential dressing which holds all artists’s productions.
Among the different creative people involved in TAB, Pablo Delgado, the famous Mexican street artist, Ramzi Musa, Wendy Mayer with her surreal fancy, Juno Calypso, hailed as the “new Cindy Sherman”, and still Conall McAteer, Rub Flowers, Treza Zelenkova, Emma Cakehead, Diana Auria and Samuel Wood.
A mixture of different artistic voices and sensibilities able to show how the same starting idea can produce a range of so diversified results.

So, if you had the good fortune to visit TAB or – much better – to buy one of TAB’s pieces during auction organized on 27th June evening, you well know how many different dresses can wear a tennis ball. So numerous that, in TAB, you could either come across into an enormous ice cream cup, with a tennis ball in the middle, or into a semi-hidden human face.
Tennis ball could become a ground to walk on with a white flag on shoulder or an arrow to launch.

Anyway, whatever vision and feelings these pieces communicated to you, beyond all the really personal artistic expressions showed into this original exhibition, one is the most felt and desired TAB’s staff hope: to find a way, through art, to help young disadvantaged people in their growth course, specifically supporting art and sport activities organized by Greenhouse, the organization which will receive all funds raised during 27th June’s action.

So, there is not only Wimbledon to talk about, in these days. There a lot of opportunities, in the City, to discover and experience tennis and sport through their – sometime unexpected – connections with design, education, charity and art. Also thanks to TAB, which made a wonderful work, moved by a charity goal but never forgetting its artistic mission, not less important.