Glastonsbury festival


Glastonsbury This great rock festival was born in 1970.  In those years the festival was not yearly and was not so organized. The first year only 1,500 people went there, and not all could go to the festival it was attended by hippies, young people and also “bad guys”. In the first year 1500 tickets were sold at the price of 1 pound each.  Later in the eighties the event become yearly and also bigger.


This year  2013 the festival is so popular that 135,000 tickets had been sold before it started. The festival is now one of the most important rock events and anyone that loves rock can go there from retired people to young families.

The Glastonsbury festival takes three days and people can sleep in a really luxury tent. In fact there is a very big tent village but customers can use private bathrooms and beautiful services. There is a special restaurant where they can eat oysters and drink champagne. So the event is open to all. The price of the ticket is not expensive for three days of music. Each ticket costs 70 pounds, so the organizers say that the festival is sensitive to the economic downturn.

People happily spend money to hear fantastic music. To this new edition of 2013 play a great rock band, Rolling Stones, the first time at Glastonsbury, in a great night under the stars and rain this band wrote the history of rock. There are a lot of important bands not only rock, for example there are also Artic Monkeys and Mumford & sons.

The fans voted for the best performances until now and they have chosen Coldplay’s 2011 and Radiohead and Blur in 2009.

What started years ago with a small group of musicians in a farmers field is now the biggest and greatest music event in U.K.