Immigrants exploited in Italy


Great success also for the final round of the film festival “Food for thought” organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in London. The fourth meeting was dedicated to the movie “The Green Blood” from Italian director Andrea Segre.

The film depicts the story of the protagonists of the events of Rosarno, a village in Calabria, occurred in January 2010.

The events of that winter represented a historic moment for Italy, for the first time it was revealed the state of degradation and injustice suffered by thousands of African laborers exploited in the Calabrian lands.
The popular demonstration, in fact, has focused on the situational hidden to most of the population. Italy became aware of this problem and for this injustice only after this event and, through violence, the State thought that the problem has been resolved. The director Andrea Segre has collected seven voices of the protagonists who have suffered violence when they tried to respond: they were exploited, underpaid and treated like animals.
The exploitation of immigrants took place in a country that calls itself hospitable. Immigrants in order to survive, they have for so long accepted to live in inhuman conditions.
Segre explains: “I did not want to tell only the tearing and dramatic phenomenon of the exploitation of immigrant workers and racism that accompanies it, but I wanted to tell the phenomenon from the point of view of those who have lived”. Infact Andrea Segre narrated clashes in Calabria from the point of view of those who have suffered violence. The rights of these people were totally suspended. A real solution for this injustice was not found: the Italian State failed to respond only with violence.
The newspapers and television have manipulated public opinion. The media has described immigrants as dangerous people and capable of triggering violence. This event has led to see immigrants as something dangerous to society.

The media have become so those immigrants, who for years have supported the primary sector in Italy, into a monster to delete.
The aim of Segre is to show the reality of the facts to avoid creating hatred and racism against the people who run away from their homelands in search of a new life. As Gloria Anzaldua wrote in the book “The borderlands” all human beings are citizens of the world, not a single state.