Betting’s world of in London

Melbourne Cup

The betting is dare to a forecast about a future event, it consists to put money in a possible outcome that the player think is what will happen. Sports and competitions are the most betting subjects, but in the betting Country, U.K, it is possible to bet on everything . It is an ancient game, datable from the beginning of humanity, when people maybe bet in the God will. The first dice have been found in Cina and they are about 5000 years ago, and others staff about future events in India, Japan and Egypt. Betting and gambling are differents, because for this last the most important are; the azard and the luck, for the betting the important is reasoning, the calculation of probabilities.


One way to do betting is during the horse race, and U.K is the home for this, because it has an important and ancient horses races history so a lot of rules for the games were decided in U.K and thoroughbred as well come from England. A good horses player when want put money to some horses need to know a lo of thinks, about the horses, the their last wins, notice about specific races, and others. Steve, an English man about sixty years old , is a betting horses race fond, and he is a good prototype about english traditional habits; horses and beers. Every saturday at the same hours, around two in the afternoon, Steve went to the same pub, to watch in front of the television your favorite passion, the horses races, obviously he is also a bettor. On the table where is sitting there are; newspaper, to read the important informations, a piece of paper and a pen, to write all the important things about it and also to do probability calculations. As a tradition to alive have to update, so Steve has on the table his smartphone, to connect to the internet, and to keep in touch with someone that call him at the end of every race. During the race in his eyes there are adrenaline,and it explodes when he is winner, because he stand up and shouts:” money, money, a lot of money” or when he is looser, peacefully he says: “No win, no win”. 

U.K is the house of betting because the bookmakers can to choise any kind of issues, so it is possible about the mystery of Diana death, about the name of the Royal Baby, his weight, his name, but also about the existence of aliens and a lot of others particular things. All this it will be possible in Europe and in Italy too because recently the European Commision approved this type of betting but with some limitations about privacy, ethics and human rights. There are another phenomenon concerning all Europe; slot machines, and the growth of their diffusions on the territory. slotsIn 2011/ 2013 their revenue surpassed the counter betting, a lot of money that people spent to this games. Sometimes people become dipedent and cannot finish to plays with them, for this machins there are no reasoning , the only act is put money inside the machines and to try once’s luck. In July 2013, BBC News, wrote about Newham street, around London, where there are 18 gambling shops just in that way. We know that Betting and gambling are very dangerous games, in wich people could lose money, but maybe just the information is not enough withouth a good management of that market, it need to head from governments choises and ethics rules.