Merkel again


The 22nd of September was re-elected Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, she is in her third consecutive government. The only leader re-voted after the crisis, sign of Germans people love the Merkel way to go out the crisis and sign of their prosperity,this election show an absolutely confidence to her because has had the 41, 50% of votes. Her victory is also for her European strategy, the powerest and the winner until now, and about her European leadership, Germans are very proud and satisfied.


Not all,becasue there are the 4,7% of people voted Afd, the anti-European party, but this was not enough to go inside the Parliament. The Spd was voted from 25, 7%, the left Linke Party the 8,6 and the 8,4% for the Green party. The Liberal, FdP, was the ex-ally has had just 4,8%, and it is not in Bundestag. The big majorty of Merkel is not enough to make a government, because CDU-CSU has had 311 seats againts the 316 necessary. This means that the winners need to look for another ally, possibly the Spd or the Greens. Merkel after the results has opened to Spd, but it looks not incline to this because the leader Steinbruek does not want to be the “Junior party” of the situation, the socialist leader said also that in case the European line will be different. On Friday, the Spd party has to do a meeting to discuss. The possibility to do this coalition between Merkel parties and Spd is positive to Italy, because they hope in a different European line. Maybe it is possible the union government between Greens and CDU because the big contrasts of the past are overcome, like about the nuclear problem, that Merkel has removed.
A possibility of a different European line is far but Mediterranean Country and also England can hope for somenthing different with a new coalition. Merkel and European Union know that now is the time for the economy rise, all citizens are waiting for this. The new important European interlocutor is the same that in the past, the German of Merkel, and Cameron has to negotiate with her up to the next announced referendum about European Union in the 2017. Re- start the challenge.