Inquiry : Italian immigration in London




 [This is a frist article is part of italoeuropeo’s inquiry on the Italians  immigration in London with interviews and deepening,fraud, abuse  to understand how is the situation today of immigrants in London and UK.]

2000 years after the Julius Caesar campaign in Britannia, there is a new Italian invasion to the UK and especially to London. With an unemployement rate reaching  12,5% (i.e. over 3 million people)  and a young unemployement rate (people between 18 and 29 years) certified to be at 28%, that means over 1 million of young are without a job,  according to the last Istat review,  a greater number of people are deciding to move to the UK in order to pursue those dreams that currently are unrealizable in Italy. [read more here]

 Stories of Italians in London

italiani a londraWelcome to London, welcome to the new Italy. As we reported in the in the article “Italian Invasion to London” thousands of Italian have been moving to the UK’s capital in order to get a job and chase their dreams, that are currently unattainable in Italy. [read more here]





Agencies in London: can immigrants trust them?

immigrantsWelcome to the jungle,  welcome to London. As we reported in the article Italian Invasion to London in the current period of global crisis thousands of Italians are moving to London in search of job opportunities in the “Capital of Europe”. But, as a lot of immigrants know for experience, even the “New Eldorados” can hide several traps.    [read more here]




How Italian Consulate help young compatriots and Interview with Italian Consul in London


cosnoleitLeave own country and move abroad isn’t an easy choice and doesn’t always mean immediate success, even if the destination country offers good services for citiziens and it is famous for his efficiency, such as the UK. In fact, a lot of young compatriots arrive in Uk without a knowledge of the local situation, and sometimes without a solid linguistic preparation. [in photo italian consolate Massimiliano Mazzanti]             [read more here]



 * Interview with Italian Consul in London,  about Italian emigration in UK]               [read more here]

 * II part Interview with Italian Consul in London about crime problem in London]   [read more here]

    [ or view the video interview on italoeuropeo’s youtube here ]

Long road of getting accommodation and job in London

Primo approdo 3 meeting

Every Italian who migrate in London know that find an accommodation and get a job are two of the biggest challenges in London.   [read more here]









Interview with journalist Marco Niada

niada 1 interviewed former “Il Sole 24 Ore” reporter in London and current partner of Rlm Finsbury public relation, Marco Niada in range of investigative report that its doing about Italian emigration in UK. In the first part of the interview, Niada explained to our readers how London has been changed since he arrived in 1993 [read more here]

  II part  Interview with journalist Marco Niada [read more here]

 [or view the video interview-  the London through history]   







Where Italian emigrates in London work


Many Italian move to London in search of the dream job, as we mentioned in the previous articles of our investigative report. The question is, do they really get it?
Browsing in web sites like LinkedIn, or exploring Facebook pages, for a total cross –section of 1000 people, it is really easy to get an idea about what is the business of Italians in London. [read more here]





Come to the end: the reporter’s point of view



This investigative report was born with the aim to have a more clear vision about Italian immigration in London. Generally, Italian media speak in a superficial way about drain brain, so our intention was to go deeper into analysis of this phenomenon. [read more here]





 Considerazioni finali di un italiano emigrato a Londra. [ in italian language click here ]


[This inquiry was made ​​by Italian university students who have done an internship in the magazine in London so  thanks to – Giuliano Corridori, Benedetto Antuono, and the final support of  Paola Gentile and Francesca Bianchi]