At last summer has arrived in London! And with the heat a very exciting show has hit town…
On a balmy evening, in a cool art/dance centre, The Place in Euston, an extremely interesting performance has descended to enthral an engaged audience: This is that… this is that …this is that…
In bare, stripped down studio we are introduced to the most mundane object we can encounter in such environment: this is a wall… this is a chair… this is unacceptable (picking up a scrap of sellotape…) (cue: roaring laugh from the crowd…)
The collaboration between Philippe Blanchard, Gabriele and Luca Stifani is a gamble that the trio has taken with passion and fervour.
A celebrated choreographer interfacing with two brothers without any academic experience in the dance world has brought a synergy with immense potential; following the main frame given by Philippe, the twins express their innermost feelings in relation of the daily actions, choices, possibilities in a specific environment.
Also, the customisation ad hoc of the interaction, in relation to the town where the performance is occurring, reveal a total respect for their audience: the need to create a more in depth connection with them, shows clearly the desire of the artists for a total involvement for a full immersion experience, no divide between stage and audience…
Irony, fantasy, athleticism are keys for this work; the constant desire of reinvention, even in the simpler scenarios is masterly proposed through the endless possibilities of human interaction donning of seamless experiences who captivate the imagination.
During the Q&A post show, Luca and Gabriele confirmed their intention to offer a more personal perspective towards everyday life; their efforts matched their warm personalities with the movements inspired by the choreography by Philippe.
The show length is also endearing: one hours went without a glitch… the last part of the performance tried to explore, with a magic playfulness, the various layers of the human condition: are we what we are inside or are we manipulated by what we surround ourselves? The Twins made this manifesto loud and intense; in the several options offered they left us with a question that we need to answer in our own way.
A warm “well done” to this company!


fratelliLondon – THIS IS THAT A performance conceived and directed by Philippe Blanchard.

This is that is a thought-provoking installation piece created by choreographer Philippe Blanchard together with filmmakers Luca and Gabriele 
Stifani where the construction of images and the meaning we attach to appearances is questioned. It is their second collaboration after How about you?, a subtly humoristic and contemplative performance about the search for oneself through others premiered in 2010. [continue here ]