On 15 June Fc are hosting the Favela World Cup in Salvador de Bahia. The Favela World Cup will show the magic and vibrancy of Brazil’s favelas to the world by bringing international fans and residents of some of Salvador de Bahia’s poorest communities together for a big day of football, samba music and local food.

The Favela World Cup, to take place at the Universidade Federal de Bahia (UFBA) on Sunday 15th June, will see fans from the 8 international teams with matches in Salvador – Bosnia, France, Germany, Holland, Iran, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland –forming teams with residents of the city’s favelas. The teams will battle it out for the honour of being crowned the first champions of the Football Beyond Borders’ Favela World Cup.

The football will be followed by a street party in the favela of Alto de Ondina, with live music and traditional, home cooked food.

The tournament will showcase the vibrancy and warmth of Brazil’s favelas to the world and will bring a sense of connection and ownership to the World Cup to communities whose residents have been completely priced out of stadiums.

Albert Guilherme from Alto de Ondina who will play for the Spain team at the Favela World Cup said:
“I haven’t got a ticket for any of the games so it’s great that this tournament will give me a chance to be a part of the excitement and drama of the World Cup. I can’t wait to win it for Spain”

Jasper Schlump from Munich who will play for Germany at the Favela World Cup said:
“I’m coming to Salvador to see Germany against Portugal but I’m really excited to be representing my country at the Favela World Cup. It will be a great day and a chance to see a different side of Salvador.”

The Favela World Cup forms part of the Football Beyond Borders ‘Legacy Projects’. The Legacy Projects aim to use the power of the World Cup to deliver a lasting legacy from the tournament for some of Salvador’s poorest communities. The projects include the Talk.Play.Learn football based English language programme and the accommodation of international fans with families in the favela of Alto de Ondina during the World Cup.

Football Beyond Borders, a British charity, will host the The Favela World Cup in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. It will bring together over 100 international fans and residents from some of country’s poorest communities to show the magic and vibrancy of the favelas to the world in an all-day tournament followed by a samba party. It also provides the local community and fans alike to experience another, less documented side of the World Cup in Brazil.