Every day lots of emigrants, men, women, children, leave their country and approach the Southern coasts of Italy. They are especially from Syria, Libya and Sub-Saharian countries and for lots of them Italy, the last border of Europe, is their first landing place. From January 2014, the emigration’s number has been very alarming: about 20.500 people, as if an entire city has moved to Europe, against 2500 in the same period in 2013 (www.ilsole24ore.it) . But, not everyone can reach the Italian coasts: in their “journey of hope” many meet their death and if you look at the dramatic conditions in which they travel, there is nothing to surprise. In this terrible time, the European government has decided to intervene with the “operation MARE NOSTRUM” (as Romans called The Mediterranean Sea), however it’s not enough. Europe is called to face a situation of historical proportions: it cannot stand and watch helplessly, it’s necessary to act and to try stopping emigration originally. Syrians, Libyans and Sub-Saharians wanted to escape from a destiny of death, misery and pain and for them Europe represents their lighthouse, their mirage, just like Bedouins walking across the desert might find out a spring of water. 

As a volunteer of a first help center for Immigrants, in Taranto, I asked a young Libyan man what talked him into leaving his country and coming to Italy.
With his hopeful eyes, he replied: “I wanted to run away from the hell. I’d like to discover in Europe the real Paradise, the supreme beauty, by means of which I’d be safe.”
When Dostoevskij wrote in “The idiot” in 1869, that “The beauty will save the world” he could not imagine that his concept would have been spoken by a Libyan guy, who came to Europe to find out the most essential allurement : “FREEDOM”.