Let’s go to the Tate, don’t be late INTERVIEW


Tate is the most important museum of modern and contemporary art in England. 

We have talked to a lot of visitors and some members of staff.

Near the entrance there were two coordinators that informed us about security and funding, which is mostly based on donations: “This is what makes it possible for the entrance to stay free.” We also asked about the attendance: “On a busy Saturday afternoon, we have 220000 visitors. But the number may vary, depending on the time of the year; for instance, during the holidays the gallery is more crowded.”

Another member of staff underlined the importance of the free entry, especially for young people and students. In fact most people who were there were students. “I have been living here for five years and i’m passionate about art in general and in particular about modern art because you can project yourself into it.” That’s why we asked him to describe what he could see in the picture that he had in front of himself (Painting, Joan Miró): “I see a smile, a hot air baloon, and a white horse.” We did the same experiment with two other people and a different picture (Man in a wheelchair by Leon Kossoff); “I can see a guy trapped in a wheelchair, he has a lot of potential but is stopped by his condition.

matisse The darkness around him is a mirror of his feelings.” The other one said: “i’m a musician so i’m interested in all kinds of art. While musicians strive to please the audience, i think in this case the artist wanted to convey a sense of disgust and repulsion.”

An elderly man looked very interested and so we asked his opinion: “I think that modern art is a very beautiful way of expressing yourself. Free entrance is great because everyone sholud be able to see Picasso for example. Art shouldn’t be a privilege of the rich.”

In the museum there is also a creepy room: it is completely black and suddenly white figures appear, and you can hear frightening noises; even so, people seemed to be enjoying themselves!

We had the opportunity to attend an extra exhibition, Matisse cut-outs. We asked for the opinion of the visitors. “A friend of mine suggested me to come here. I like modern art and colourful paintings as long as they’re not too out there.” Furthermore, two girls caught our eye; they were sitting and drawing inspiration from Matisse’s collages: “I study animations and my friend is a fashion student; even though I personally prefer classical art because of the clear shapes, I love the colours and the originality of this works made by Matisse using paper and glue. The colours he used make you happy to be alive and paiting miroit’s great that we can sit here and admire these masterpieces and try to replicate them.”


Tate museum is a social platform where you can see the history of international modern art and the novelties in this field. For further information go to:http://www.tate.org.uk/ 






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