The Science Museum Connecting People

scienze museum

London – The science museum in South Kensington is one of most interesting museum for its well-stocked collection of medical and technological instruments since the eighteen century. It also shows their change in the time and how the men had been able to discover the space.

In addition, the museum attract lots of people because of its interactive items giving the opportunity for the children to enjoy with science.

The people we interviewed first was a group of students who were here just for pleasure even if their studies are connected to the science.

Why did you choose this museum ?
Visitors 1 : We decided to visit this museum because our friends suggested it .They told me that we could have fun and when we discovered the free entrance we entered.

Going up to the third floor
in the fly zone a mother who stayed with her son told us something about her impressions.

Do you think that your child could learn something new in this museum?
Mom : Yes, My child seems to be very happy
and fun because he can learn new things playing, doing experiments and this is the most interesting thing that a museum could offer.
Even if He is only 5 years old I’m sure this experience could be useful.

The last person of this interview is Silvia, an Italian Girl, who is in London for a phisic’s university stage.

Do you think that this museum could be more interesting for a sciencist or for a person whose studies aren’t connected to this subject?
– I think this museum is useful for both because it doesn’t teach but it intrigues people to discover new things.

Do you think that this museum is able to communicate something ?
– Yes , the communication is one most important thing.The problem of the scientific community is the communication with the society because There is always a mistiphication for example between scientists and journalists.

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