Senesidesign Group: a journey into the eco-friendly


Senesidesign Group: a journey into the eco-friendly future of communication

London- Yesterday, on 9th September, at the Icetank Studio in Grape Street, Senesidesign Group introduced itself to the English audience. The event was supported by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Uk, respresented by the president Leonardo Simonelli Santi.
Senesidesign Group with two companies in Italy and in the UK and an office in Barcelona, offers the perfect mix of young talent and professional expertise, delivering individual competence as well as seamless team work.

Supporting the client at every stage of the brief, from initial concept through to the final stages of all projects, our skills are complemented by a number of professional consultants that inject their personal competence when required, such as food writers, structural designers, bilingual translators and commercial artists.

As Giada Cortazzi, Account Manager Italy, said: “When we approach a new project we always keep in mind 4 key areas that build up our winning “Around the Line” approach, our unique formula that drives our clients to consistent success throughout all touchpoints.
The 4 key concepts are:
• Mktg Goals: We pay special attention to the goals our client set for each project and propose solutions, from the traditional to the unconventional, able to satisfy all requirements and marketing objectives.
• Dealer: We always propose solutions aligned with dealers requirements in order to facilitate collaboration between Brand and dealers, ensuring the activity/communication is a great success.
• Consumer: Considering consumer experiences and responses to proposed activities, potential use of virals and assessing the contribution to the brands activity on and offline allow us to provide our clients with tailored and consistent CRM strategies.
• CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility – we consider the Ecosustainability a key aspect for all projects we develop, that’s why we commit ourselves to deliver eco-sustainable solutions, spreading the belief that our precious resources have to be responsible and fairly managed.”

“Since its birth, Senesidesign has begun working with large companies, such as Nestle. It was born with the specific vocation of the packaging, but over the years has developed a specific communication strategy, in a most purely European perspective. In 2013, the company has opened an office in London, and the team working in Covent Garden, is very keen on digital video communication, because that is emerging. Instead, a third our office is located in Barcelona and is more specialized on the Art design. Hence, Senesidesign has three offices, all united by a desire to create an integrated communication. ” said Tatiana Furlanetto

What are your plans for the future?

Tatiana Furlanetto, senior account manager Eu, does not hesitate to say that “The key to success is the ability to expand more and more in an international perspective, with an intercultural breath. For some projects, we involve all three offices, so that we could have three different points of view on the same subject. “

“When we are asked to participate in a new project we love getting in deep and personally experience the environment the project will develop. To fully appreciate the requirements we thoroughly research the competition and ensure we live the consumer experience at point of sale and during the product’s performance. Only by being the customer we can aim to fulfil our clients’ expectations.” Concluded Corrado Senesi, the founder of the Senesidesign group.

The event has been sponsored by some important European and Italian brands, such as: San Pellegrino, Vinitaliani, Essential, CHS Group. Ondalba spa. The delicious dishes cooked by the chef, Vivien Reimbelli, perfectly combined with the venue so welcoming, made the evening really enjoyable.