ELIZABETH JONES: a determined British politician

elsabeth jones

On 8th September, we got the chance to interview Elizabeth Jones, Deputy Chairwoman of UKIP Southwark London.

Elizabeth, you shouted ‘shut up’ at a fellow radio guest. Why? Would you do it again?

“This situation arose because I was trying to tell the listeners about UKIP policy and I was continuously being talked over and interrupted by an extreme Marxist sat to my right; this is an insult to the listening public. I would do it again. It worked. This exchange would not be newsworthy in Italy .

Your party is for UK’s exit from EU. Can you explain us why and the advantage and disadvantage of this choice?

“The biggest advantage for UK is that we would immediately pocket the £ 55M a day we pay to be members of EU. Today one out of ten pounds of the EU comes from the UK. Therefore, the first advantage would be economical. Our cash will not be spent on continental organised crime projects. It is estimated that UK loses £500m pa from revenue coffers to EU fraud and that’s the known fraud.
We can then control our borders and decide who may stay here so no more expensive long winded trials for terrorists desperately trying to cling to UK whilst seeking to harm us. We can simply deport them. No more European Arrest Warrant and no more European Investigation Warrant hogging up UK court time on often trivial issues. No more absurd ideological European Court of Justice decisions such as 2012 ruling that sex cannot be taken into account in any actuarial analysis assessing insurance and annuity costs thus women’s car insurance has increased. No more open borders resulting in huge strain being placed upon primary school places, transport, housing and NHS .
The only disadvantage would be for UK EU staff and MEPs losing their positions.

How could you justify the victory of your party at last European elections? Why do people vote UKIP according to you?
“People vote for us because they are at the end of their tether. UK citizens do not trust politicians anymore and they demand a change, something new. No more conveyor belt professional politicians with no life experience for us. Voting UKIP is a form of rebellion and a strike against an increasingly homogenised world.

We know that in Kent you have many people who vote for you. Why, according to you?
“The population in Kent is largely older and therefore less prone to hold trendy, faddy views and experiences waves of migration more intensely than other areas thus there is more competition for jobs. Again, people want change.

About immigration: can you tell us some strategies that your party will carry out, in case it wins?
“End open borders migration we now have with EU and instead have a system in place similar to Immigration Rules 2014 whereby entry will be dependent upon proof of health insurance, points system, funds to curb upon recent arrivals claiming state benefits for at least 5 years. Furthermore, we support Home Office Affairs Select Committee proposals to place the burden of proof for proxy marriages and “sham marriages” upon the marrying couples as a conservative estimate of sham marriages in 2013 was 2135 and such marriages give the non EEA (European Economic Area) spouse the right to bring in their children, parents and grandparents. At the moment it is easier for, let’s say, an unemployed Eastern European man to live in UK than a highly skilled Egyptian gynaecologist which does not help our economy.

Do you have personal opinions for Italian politicians? Does Foreign Policy interest you in some ways?
Liberal intervention is patronising and has failed and just look at the chaos in Libya and Iraq now. We seek non military solutions to foreign policy issues and urge Cameron to consider UN Security Council reg 2170 and sanction those funding terrorism, those who do not control their borders, prosecute hate preachers and consider an arms embargo upon Middle East. War is afflicted with the curse of the unforeseeable consequence.
Foreign policy is of vital trade interest to us and we seek a different path and prefer soft power.
Beppe Grillo is a breath of fresh air – a force of nature! Italian politicians are charmingly operatic, expressive and often glamorous such as the splendid Maria Carfagna and Rosy Bindi – the tireless anti sexism campaigner. Viva Italia!

What do you think about Scottish referendum? Has Scotland the same reasons to leave the UK than UK to leave the EU?
“South Sudan enjoyed her referendum in 2011 and now it’s Scotland’s turn and what a triumph for democracy! The electorate has engaged hugely with a record 90% registered to vote and in some pro independence areas such as East Ayshire 4 minors aged 3-11 have even put in a bid to vote and in Dundee 10% more 16-17 year olds are registered to vote than live in the area! Electoral fraud starting already? Is the Yes Vote so insecure?
Scotland wants the pound and The Queen, speaks English, shares the same geography, history and economy so am unsure as to what she is seeking independence from? The Conservative Party?
It does not seem financially viable and is driven more by passion and the nursing of historical grievances such as Battle of Flodden 1513 and perhaps Alex Salmond’s own personality issues assuaging an inferiority complex maybe… Since 1707 Act of Union Scotland has contributed hugely to the world’s intellectual capital and may she do so again.
Scotland’s reasons for leaving UK are vastly different from EU exit. We are net contributors to EU and financially get out less than we pay in furthermore the open borders policy has possibly resulted in us needing 240,000 extra primary school places and 232,000 new homes according to National Audit Office. Basically EU is draining us whereas Scotland has the Barnett formula lump sum block grant payment from us and state pension help.
Whatever Thursday’s result, provided no election fraud takes place and it seems to be seeping in already, it will be an expression of direct democracy and the wish of the people which is a UKIP platform policy. Good luck to all and may the fight be fair!

Do you think it will be easy for the UK to leave the EU?
“I think so, Greenland has already done it, taking about 2 years. As for the UK, it may take a little longer for the entire process, but it is doubtless possible. Of course we will be facing a titanic PR campaign to stay for how else will continental organised crime and the clutch of pretentious EU “intellectual” commissioners and hangers on fund their glammy lifestyles?