‘Think carefully’, a threat rather than an advice


The queen spoke outside Cathie Kirk Church in Scotland

 Scottish Referendum–  the Queen issued her first statement near the Cathie Kirk Church in Scotland, even though Buckingham Palace declared its fairness. ‘Scottish have to think very carefully’ she said. This could be the turning point at a critical moment in the future of the UK. In fact, her opinion is very influential (we have to remember that, although she has no political powers, she is still the head of the Anglican Church and the military forces), especially these days: the latest surveys show that ‘yes’ and ‘no’ voters are approximately neck and neck, with a great number of people still undecided. The Scottish Prime Minister and the main ‘yes’ supporter, Alex Salmond, insists that the Queen is impartial and he added that ‘she would be happy if UK broke up’.

After a first period of England’s neutrality, now Westminster is pushing the Scottish to vote ‘no’. Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to keep the UK united. Last weekend, he went to Aberdeen, in Scotland, proclaiming that ‘it is his duty to be clear about the likely consequences of a ‘yes’ vote. Independence would not be a trial separation. It would be a painful divorce’.
The effects of this possible division will be primarily economical. RBS and Lloyds, the most influential banks in Scotland, plan to leave their Scottish headquarters and move to the City. It would cause the financial crisis not only of Scotland but also of the whole of the UK. The pound would lose its power and Scotland would have to make a monetary decision among three choices: to keep the pound, to adopt the Euro or to mint its own coin, all options that bring about enormous risks. The Independentists want to base their economy on petrol like Norway.

Fabio Cavalera, Corriere della Sera’s Italian correspondent, said from Edinburgh: ‘‘In the streets ‘yes’ supporters are more active than their opponents, despite both campaigns are going on frantically. This vote is attracting worldwide coverage, with TVs and journalists coming from everywhere. It will have an impact on the future of all us. The undecided voters will determine the outcome; they would like to become independent but they are also scared of it.’’
The result of this referendum can change the history of Europe. In fact, many countries are calling out their independence, and Scotland would represent an example with the effects of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ victory. In Spain, Catalonia is asking for more financial independence that can bring to another Independence Referendum.
Independence is becoming a key to exit the crisis for some countries. Only time can demonstrate if this will be the right solution.


Scotland independent or not?

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