“Song’e Napule”, UK Premiere in London

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Cinemaitaliauk Sunday December 14, 6.30pm Genesis Cinema

London, December 2014 – For the first time the comedy “Song’e Napule” by Manetti Bros will be screened in London. The UK Premiere of the film will take place at Genesis Cinema (93-95 Mile End Rd, London E1 4UJ. Best Tube Stepney Green) on Sunday 14 December 6:30pm, followed by a Q&A (tickets: http://goo.gl/x0o5af, Trailer )

The film has been recently reviewed as “a genial musical caper that is admirably played by a fine ensemble” by Empire online. The main actor Giampaolo Morelli is very famous in Italy.

The CinemaItaliaUK season achieves a growing audience: +50% in the last two screenings (160 seats for “Spaghetti Story” in October, 240 for “Smetto Quando Voglio” last 30th of November, photogallery http://cinemaitaliauk.co.uk/#gallery).

The director Clara Caleo Green says: “Our formula is catching: new films already famous in Italy but not distributed in the UK yet, English subtitles, Q&A with actors and film directors hosted by journalists, delicious tasting of Italian wine and regional food afterwards”.

At the end of the screening, spectators will taste wine kindly offered by Sarah Eti Castellani Consul of Italy and will have a bite of typical focaccia from Liguria made by Donna Fugassa.


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Song’e Napule Trailer (in Italian with English Subtitles).


The movie is set in today’s Naples. Paco, after studying piano at the Conservatory of music, is  unemployed. His mother advises him to find a job in the police, but his total inaptitude gets him involved with a criminal investigation.The police commissioner, Cammarota, is on the tracks of a dangerous killer of the Camorra known as O’ Fantasma (The Ghost) because no one has ever seen his face.The commissioner is looking for a cop who can pretend to be a piano player, to infiltrate  Lollo Love’s music band. Lollo is a well known singer and he has been engaged to liven up the wedding of Antonietta Stornaienco, daughter of the boss of Somma Vesuviana. O’ Fantasma (The Ghost) will probably attend the wedding.  Nothing worse could happen to Paco:  he will end up risking his own life, playing music he hates dressed in strange garb! Unexpectedly, this will be the turning point of his life..