Tiromancino Interview with Federico Zampaglione


London – From the hotel hall, where the Tiromancino stayed during their London date
After playing at Dingwalls, Camden Town (London), yesterday night, the Tiromancino are coming back home, in Rome, where it will start their italian tour.
I’m still hearing music in my head, and I’m singing the famouse Forse per me è importante when the group enters the room followed by Federico Zampaglione.

Federico: what a great success last night, here in London. What’s your impression?
Yes, it was a great success, mostly considering that it was a Monday concert, but – at least – a great successful Monday concert! Everybody sang, both young and less young: the proof, this one, of the transgenerational involvement aroused by this kind of songs.

Your last album, Indagine su un sentimento, as its name says, is an investigation on a feeling. But how can we investigate on a feeling?
We have to try..we have to try investigating on a feeling because, otherwise, reality ends up anesthetizing us, so we can’t keep in touch with the deeper part of ourselves. Investigating on a feeling is important, a thing to do everywhere and anywhere, even to know better ourselves.

The amazing music video, by Marco Pavone, of your song Liberi shows two birds, one of which sets the other one free from the cage: a kind of love, this one, that makes free instead of owning. By this way, you go against your colleagues’ trend, who believe that love is an ownership.
Well, right dose of freedom doesn’t hurt: I think it’s important to have our own space and stay connected with reality, for both personal and couple balance. A couple often isolates itself but it could be a risk, being suffocated by feelings.

That is as true for lovers as for father and son’s relationship. What about your being father?
(Laughing) I have a daughter: she’s five, so freedom is a concept far from her, at the time. But it’s true: even in children’s life it’s present this kind of freedom, in the way they look at world. If parent orders his child what he wants, this will be a coercive order, and it will be perceived as a bad thing. It would be good to leave our children “free” to read the world around them as they want.

And what if your daughter, one day, tells you “Dad, I want to live in London, definitively”. You know, here in London there are many italian immigrants..so, what about your reaction?
Yes, I do see these italians in London..they stop me in the street, as it never happens even in Rome. My reaction? It would be ok, considering that there are no prospectives in Italy. Of course I’ll feel bad, but I’ll understand. After all, she has to choose by herself. Not coincidentally she attends the St. George’s British International School, to know a language now inescapable.
Anyway, I could move to London, too…

Let’s talk about cinema: you are a successful horror films director, too. What about this passion? What are you inspired by? Do you feel like a brand new Dario Argento?
Not make comparisons. Since I was baby, I felt in love with that movie genre: it impressed me.
Both writing love songs and filming, at first, made me surprise too!

Being a director has kept you away from the music, for a while. Then, you’ve come back with a beautiful album, characterised by the typical sounds made by the Tiromancino. Your brother has made a gorgeous work with music
Yes, Francesco has made an amazing work. We’re tuned since several years, both in music and in cinema. He observes a film scene for a while and immediately understands the right music for that scene. It has been a great teamwork.

This is the unique foreign date of your tour or there will be others?
For now, it is. But I hope there will be other dates in Europe.


What’s the song, in your repertoire, that represents you at best, with which you would introduce yourself to an Englishman?
There are many songs…maybe, Forse per me è importante!