Journalist dead in terror attack


12 journalist dead in terror attack

/ A car has reportedly exploded outside a synagogue in the Paris suburb of Sarcelle.
The blast has not yet been officially confirmed, but it comes as the hunt for the gunmen involved into today’s attack on Charlie Hebdo goes on.Three hooded men and dressed in black (one of which was on the street, according to witnesses) have penetrated into the seat of the French satirical newspaper, known for irreverent and provocative stances on Islamic terrorism.

Among the victims, the director Stephan Charbonnier, told Charb, and three other colleagues cartoonists of the satirical weekly. It is Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous. In France, where the satire has a long tradition and is very followed, are famous names. But names are very loved and appreciated in Italy.President Hollande went on the spot. “It’s terrorism attack against freedom.” “We have to react firmly, but with a spirit of national unity.


We must be compact – said the president – to show that we are a united country. We are at a difficult time: many attacks were prevented, we knew to be threatened because we are a country of freedom. ” Informed from long time by Islamic, the satirical’s journalist but they continued for press freedom’.

According to some witnesses, after the attack on the two attackers would be able to escape, assaulting a motorist and taking possession of his car. The two during the attack shouted “Allah u Akbar”, God is great.


from italoeuropeo / solidarity ‘to the dead journalists .