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CinemaItaliaUK VivaLaLibert Genesis

London, 09 January 2015 – CinemaItaliaUK starts its 2015 season with a optimistic view, with three acclaimed contemporary Italian films and with a new partnership.

“Viva la Libertà” (Long Live Freedom) by Roberto Andò starring the Oscar winner Toni Servillo will be the first screening of the year, on Sunday 25 January 6.30 pm at Genesis Cinema. The film will be followed by a Q&A with the Sicilian film director, hosted by the documentary filmmaker Adele Tulli and the senior lecturer in Politics at The Open University Geoff Andrews.
“Viva la Libertà” is based on Ando’s novel “Il trono vuoto” which won the Italian Campiello literature prize. The film itself won the David di Donatello for Best Script and the Nastro D’Argento for Best Screenplay.

CinemaItaliaUK TheChairOfHappinessThe 2015 programme includes “The Art of Happiness” by Alessandro Rak on Sunday 22 February. It won the European Animated Feature Film 2014 at the European Film Award. The third film will be “The Chair of Happiness” by Carlo Mazzacurati on 29 March.
The director Clara Caleo Green says: “In the gloom of winter we need such good cheerful titles! These films are a true credit to recent Italian cinema.”

CinemaItaliaUK is happy to announce its partnership with the luxury furniture brand “Natuzzi”. Their sales and marketing director Irene Zia adds: “We are delighted to partner with CinemaItaliaUK. As an Italian business based in the UK we are keen to promote cultural exchange between the two countries and where better than in an environment conducive to relaxation and pleasure? The CinemaItaliaUK experience is perfectly aligned to our own brand values; we truly believe that our Re-vive performance recliner is “the chair of happiness”!

CinemaitaiaUK screens modern Italian films not yet distributed in the UK, thanks to the support of the Italian Consulate and the Italian Cultural Institute. Each film is in Italian with English subtitles: it’s an opportunity for Italians to keep abreast of big successes in their native country and for Londoners to discover new films, new authors and to better understand Italy through the cinema lense.

The full programme, together with photo galleries, videos and links, is available on the website

CinemaItaliaUK is kindly supported by The Consul General of Italy, The Italian Cultural Institute, Natuzzi, BdB, Courthouse Hotel, The Italian Bookshop, Donna Fugassa, The Italian Community, Fred Film Radio, RaiCom, Fandango and Elle Driver.


“Viva la Libertà” on Sunday 25, Q&A with Roberto Andò
“The Art of Happiness” on 22 Feb, “The Chair of Happiness” on 29 March
Main sponsor “Natuzzi” announced







CinemaItaliaUK is a new company which promotes new Italian films in the UK. CinemaItaliaUK artistic director Clara Caleo Green says: “Our aim is to source new gems and create a regular appointment for lovers of Italian films both in London and in the UK. For the first time, once a month, Londoners will watch new films – with English subtitles – recently released in Italy and not yet in DVD on the English market”. Up to now Italian films were screened mainly during festivals, special occasions and Institutional venues (see the excellent programme at the Italian Cultural Institute directed by Caterina Cardona, or the French cinema Lumiere). In the last three months of 2014 more than 500 people attended the first three films of the season: “Spaghetti Story” by Ciro De Caro in the presence of the film director, “I Can Quit Whenever I Want” (Smetto Quando Voglio) by Sydney Sibilia in the presence of the leading actor Edoardo Leo, and “Song’e Napule” by Manetti Bros last Sunday 14 December.