Modern Immigration: different from the older?


London- “Want to be my Valentine?” I read this thoughts in the mind of the girl who is watching her love, from far, while he’s shooting. They’re together in a rainy day. They’re together in their first Valentine’s day, in London. Camden Town is setting their love that day.

Not a tear of English blood is present in their veins. They are together in a city that isn’t their city, just to realize a dream. Her love is a photographer shooting a famous dancer on the dam of the Thames. It’s her first important shooting. 

I stop. I need to know. I want to understand. Why they are here? Future. Dreams. Money. Dreams. Life. Dreams.
So many guys leave their home to find fortune abroad. Their countries don’t offer what they need. There isn’t job, there isn’t money, there isn’t hope between the youngest.

They study and then decide to leave everything: love, family, friends, home, roots. But they take their most important luggage: their dreams.
Younger people are braver than you might think.

Can we talk of modern emigration?
Emigration is a phenomenon that has always existed. Our grandparents left their countries to find fortune abroad.
Where did they go? What were their favourite hope-countries?
Statics showed high levels of immigration to the United States, Germany and Canada.
The situation is still the same?
Nowadays, the countries offering the highest number of jobs and hospitality are: United States – at the top of the list -, Germany and Canada, following by Australia, Finland, Sweden and France.
By contrast, the rates of immigration decreased to Spain, Italy and UK.
Hopeless people came from Libya, Gaza, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria.

What they want? They need safety. Their homeland is a conflict zone. Their lives, discouraged by violence and blood, aren’t human.

A great number of immigrants come from the “South” and from the East. They primarily need a job and a house because their conditions of living are too poor to be suffer. They usually do the most modest jobs. The jobs that are “disgusted” by the natives. They’re underpaid; they live in too expensive and crowded rooms.
Many people think that having immigrants is negative because “They come here to steal our jobs and kill us”.
Actually, they’re wrong. Immigrants are a valuable resource, always. They represent positive income in the economy.

Are we sure that the problem are immigrants that just need job, hope and fortune and not young people that live with their parents until retirement because “in that way life is much easier”?