Renzi and Obama together to fight European crisis


Renzi and Obama met in Washington and talked for hours about the situations and crisis in Greece, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran and in Italy too.
Obama praised Renzi saying that he is a perfect guide of a nation that furnishes great supporter for USA.
Renzi replied saying that the economy of USA is an example that Italy should imitate.
In the USA the unemployment rate decreased while in Italy increased a lot in the last months. In Italy something was wrong.
Each European crisis affects any nation. Greek crisis interests Italy because of their business. Greece needs reforms to ride over.
They talked about the problem of immigration from Libya. Renzi thinks that he will receive helps from Washington. He defined the Mediterranean Sea as a “cemetery” because the great number of deaths in those waters. They know that the crisis can’t be battle it out. First of all it must be straighten out in the country itself.
An important problem is the situation in Iran: if the heads didn’t follow the pacts about nuclear, the authorities will take austere measures.
The least argument talked about was the permanence of Italian ranks in Afghanistan. They will remain more than they have stipulated.

Renzi and Obama acted like old friends.
They joked and talked about Tuscan wine (it seems that Obama really likes it) and about the Expo that could represent a great opportunity if Italy knew how to take advantage of it.
Will Italy be able in overcoming its difficulties?