Young European Federalists (JEF) Europe


YEM is a national section of the Young European Federalists (JEF) Europe – an autonomous youth organisation. It is a supranational, political movement active in most European countries. It has no party political affiliations or commitments but it participates in the exchange of opinions and experiences with other political movements.

The aims of JEF are to work towards European integration, inspired by the original principles of peace and cooperation which gave birth to the European project, in order to create a more democratic Europe and a strong player on the world stage. JEF is one of the few organisations that embraces the whole of Europe rather than solely the current EU member states and is keen to work on issues both within and without the continent.

The F-word (Federalism) has received a bad press with people mistaking it for the creation of a centralised European superstate. In fact the core tenet in Federalism is that decisions should be made at the lowest suitable level. The debates in European politics therefore, are all about which level of government is best to carry out any given function and the UK has a lot of experience and knowledge to contribute to this!

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see this video on the situation in the Mediterranean