Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milani for “Scusate se esisto!”


Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milani for “Scusate se esisto!” 

on Sun 31st May, Genesis Cinema

CinemaItaliUK – Film director Riccardo Milani of “Scusate se esito!” (“Do you see me?”) and star Paola Cortellesi will be CinemaItaliaUK’s special guests at the screening of this comedy on Sunday 31st May at Genesis Cinema.
The film, partially shot in London, will be followed by a Q&A hosted by journalist Caterina Soffici, author of the book “Italia Yes, Italia No”.
Caterina Soffici says: “A portrait of what is wrong with Italy today, with a particular focus on access to opportunities and the role of women. It’s funny, but it has a strong bittersweet undercurrent and for many of us it raises the usual painful dilemma: stay abroad or go back to try and change things?”.

After the screening there will be a reception with complementary Italian beers, offered by Italian Craft Beers and regional food by Delicatezza.

The film “Scusate se esisto!” – in Italian with English subtitles – will also be the main subject of an intermediate class in the Italian language by Italian Reloaded, thanks to CinemaItaliaUK Educational. Before the screening, from 2.30 to 4.40pm, students will be able to learn vocabulary, grammar, slang, facts and culture of the Bel Paese and will get a concession ticket for the film. Sign-up to by 28 May.

Synopsis: Serena is an extraordinarly talented architect. After a series of professional successes abroad, she decides to return to work in Italy. In a desperate search for a job she has to face an incredible decision: to pass for what everyone expects you to be: a man. Meanwhile she meets Francesco. Handsome and charming. The ideal companion. Except that he does not like women… Or so it seems. Together they will help each other face the adversities and complications of life

The Summer programme at Genesis Cinema will continue on Sunday 14 June with the documentary “Lei Disse Sì” by Maria Pecchioli – a week before “Pride in London”.

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Paola Cortellesi e…

Paola Cortellesi e Riccardo Milani per “Scusate se esisto!”

Londra, Paola Cortellesi e Riccardo Milani per “Scusate se esisto!”  … READ MORE