She’s called “The woman of the Stars”. She’s the first woman that has gone to the international space station. We are talking about Samantha Cristoforetti, and she is finally coming back home. Her spaceship Soyuz TMA-15M will land in Kazakhstan on June 11.

Her stay in orbit is the longest that has ever been recorded. She has been in the space more than her Italian colleague Paolo Nespoli. She returns with full honours, she will be received in Italy by the Prime Minister. We are sure that she will be a milestone for a lot of women.

She will be an example of determination and tenacity.

Nobody could forget the images of the leaving, she was excited because she was realizing her dreams. How the return will be? Surely it won’t be easy but Samantha will be able to fight this battle too. A piece of the universe is saved in her heart.

Her mission was exciting but complicated, there were unexpected problems (for example the delay of the return). But she’s strong, beautiful and kind and she was able to record interesting data, beautiful pictures and a lot of interesting things to tell.

I’m sure she is already thinking about the next adventure. Have a nice welcome, Samantha!